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Top 10 Peppermint tea benefits for physical and mental health

Does a day even begin without sipping tea right after waking up? Well in most cases no. A refreshing cup of steaming tea is a must to ignite the spark needed to conquer the day. With that being said, what about combining the flavour of mint and spice while brewing your daily tea? Sounds like a mighty thrust to your taste buds, and even to your health.

With all sorts of tea raging the market, this article shall bring forth everything you need to know about a beverage filled with an array of benefits — Peppermint Tea. To begin with, let’s first understand the key ingredient of this article — Peppermint.

What is Peppermint?

A hybrid plant of Mentha Spicata (spearmint) and M. Aquatica (watermint), the peppermint Mentha Piperita is a perennial herb, stated to originate from the Mediterranean.

It is aromatic and is widely cultivated in Europe and North America. Presently, this plant is grown extensively in the United States, and data states that over 70% of the world’s supply accounts from this region.

The plant marks its identity by the serrated leaves and conical shaped flowers that possess a tinge of pink. It is a plant grown widely in moist conditions, requiring an ample amount of water for its growth. Dry conditions are highly unfavourable for its cultivation.

Papermint tea benefits
Peppermint tea benefits

This species of the plant was first figured out by John Ray a botanist, during the late 1600 and early 1700. However, some ancient textual sources trace back its origin to 1500 B.C. Since then, peppermint has been used as a medicinal and culinary herb.

Not only this, but dried peppermint leaves were also discovered inside the tombs of pyramids. The medical documents maintained by the 13th-century Icelandic people also state the cultivation of the peppermint plant by the Egyptians.

All of this evidence points to the significance of peppermint in our lives since historic times.

What makes the Peppermint herb so special?

This plant is renowned for the aromatic and pungent flavour along with a wide-scope of advantages. It has acclamation of being a resourceful hub for treating disorders of the nervous system to simple flu and headaches. Many more medicinal-based uses have been placed under this powerful herb. Its antispasmodic and anti-diarrhoeal abilities are still under research.

Peppermint is also significant for its cooling and menthol-based flavour that is utilized in the tobacco, toothpaste, and tea and candy industry. It has an aromatic fragrance, making it one of the main components in the manufacturing of soaps, perfume, detergents, etc.

The volatile oil extracted from the plant's leaves and stems are stated to be filled with therapeutic properties providing benefits for the physical as well as mental well-being of a person.

Now that you have brief introductory information on peppermint, it must now be known why its presence makes it a powerful ingredient for a beverage. Next, let us find out about the benefits peppermint tea provides.

10 top Peppermint tea benefits for overall health

Peppermint tea is a herbal tea. The most significant part of herbal tea is the fact that they do not contain caffeine. However, you can also add peppermint to your black tea to get the benefits and flavour of this special herb. teakruthi’s Zen Mint tea is a black tea enriched with mint leaves and has a uniquely fresh, tangy and cool taste.

teakruthi's Zen Mint tea
teakruthi's Zen Mint tea

Filled with properties effective for multiple roles, the following are the benefits one will find for specific health issues while consuming this tea.

1. Peppermint tea for weight loss

Peppermint oil present in peppermint leaves is stated to reduce the appetite as per a study conducted on 13 people. With a reduction in appetite, it becomes easier to resist the temptation of eating more. Therefore, by keeping you filled and satiated for a longer time, this tea helps you in reducing weight. Many weight-loss teas present in today’s market are not pleasant to taste. But, Peppermint sets things apart with its gratifying sweet and minty flavour.

However, it is important to note that the effects of peppermint tea on weight-loss are still under research and not much information is available than the aforementioned.

2. Peppermint tea for constipation

Constipation majorly occurs due to the complication of partial digestion of our food and slow movement of food through the digestive tract, which in turn gives excess time for our colon to absorb water that creates hard stool.

Our pancreas and liver secrete digestive juices that contain enzymes that possess abilities to break down the carbs, fats, and other components present in the food we eat. This is needed for uninterrupted and smooth digestion.

The consumption of peppermint tea causes an increase in the flow of these digestive juices in our bodies. This allows the food to pass through the intestines very easily and thereby eases constipation and allows painless passing of stools.

This makes Peppermint tea an excellent tea for stomach problems. It is filled with astounding properties that aid in digestion and soothe the stomach. It also relaxes the abdominal muscles and eases flatulence as it is a natural carminative.

3. Peppermint tea for sore throat

Hot peppermint tea can relieve one from a sore throat. Peppermint is stated to have antibacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory benefits. The menthol present helps in soothing inflammation and provides instant relief from the soreness.

4. Peppermint tea for cold

The cold caused by clogged sinuses and allergies can be relieved by consuming peppermint tea. As this herb is filled with anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties it can aid in decongesting the sinus and bring relief from the unpleasant bout of cold. The rosmarinic acid present in this herb is stated to reduce allergic symptoms as well.

There are research studies that support the benefit provided by peppermint tea to treat acute respiratory tract infections.

5. Peppermint tea for headaches

Peppermint tea aids in providing relief from headaches caused by stress. Peppermint contains menthol which is considered to be a muscle relaxant that could aid in downsizing the stress encountered, boost blood circulation, and diminish the mental fatigue. Also, the aroma of peppermint has claims of instantly cooling and calming the mind.

6. Peppermint tea for diarrhoea

Diarrhoea can be caused by various reasons, one of them is due to the growth of unwanted bacteria in the stomach by contaminated food and water. The menthol present in the peppermint is known to be anti-bacterial. Thereby, eliminating the growth of contagious or foodborne bacterial diseases. The research on the effects of peppermint tea for treating diarrhoea is limited.

Peppermint tea Health Benefits
Peppermint tea health benefits

7. Peppermint tea for bloating

Bloating is the uneasy feeling that one experiences in the stomach. It makes a person quite uncomfortable and filled. Common reasons for the bloating sensation is the build-up of gas, constipation, ulcers, etc. At times the immune system cells called the mast cells in the gut could also have a major contribution to the bloating sensation. However, the flavonoids present in the peppermint tea can inhibit their activity and consequently reduce bloating.

8. Peppermint tea for anxiety

Stress and anxiety are caused by numerous reasons. Carrying undue stress for extended periods could create havoc in your body functioning. Researchers state that peppermint contains Menthol, Limonene, and Carvone which contain tranquillizing as well as analgesic effects, that work against stress. The aroma released after the brewing of the tea also attenuates the anxiety level.

9. Peppermint tea for acne

Menthol present in the peppermint tea has astonishing benefits. Time and again the benefits of this ingredient renders peppermint tea immensely effective. The cooling effect of menthol can lessen the secretion of oil produced by the sebaceous gland. This would, therefore, reduce the number of breakouts one would face. Also, the antioxidants present in the tea are stated to cleanse the pores. However, further research is needed to completely rely on the stated benefit.

10. Peppermint tea for IBS

IBS stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The main symptoms usually include abdominal cramps, diarrhoea, bloating, and constipation. According to researchers, there are anti-pain channels that are initiated in the colon by the consumption of this tea. TRPM8 is the channel that gets activated which aids in the reception of the coolness of menthol. This reduces the after-effects of consuming spicy food like chillies. Also, the remedy of the symptoms faced in this syndrome has already been stated in the article.

It is required to note that for many of the mentioned benefits, research is still needed. The available conclusions are derived majorly from the study performed on Peppermint oil. Also, many benefits are stated based on the ingredients present in peppermint and studies stating the benefit of that ingredient.

Now, as we have understood the benefits of this tea, let us find out what steps need to be followed to prepare it.

How to make Peppermint tea?

To make this cherished Menthol-flavoured tea all one needs to do is follow the steps mentioned ahead. One can prepare it plainly or with a tinge of other flavours like honey, or lemon. The steps are quite simple and no rocket-science method is involved.

1. Peppermint tea recipe

To start with the process to make this tea, one needs to first begin with the basic step of boiling water, at least a cup or two. Next, take a few of these peppermint leaves and tear them. You could crush and rub them between your palms as well to release its flavour before adding them. If you want the flavour to be strong you could take more leaves.

Next, allow this water to boil thoroughly. After this is done, do not directly strain and consume the tea. Allow the leaves to settle and the minty flavour to blend well with the water. Then, strain the liquid, pour it in a cup and you are ready with a hot cup of peppermint tea.

Note: If you want to enjoy black tea with peppermint flavour, we recommend that you try teakruthi’s Zen Mint tea.

2. Peppermint tea with honey

The initial steps involved to make peppermint tea with honey is the same as the ones mentioned before. In the end, after straining the tea add a teaspoon of honey and mix it well before having. This drink could be had during the foggy winter or rainy days. It would instantly freshen and lighten up your mood and keep you away from the seasonal blues.

Remember that it is not advisable to heat or cook honey. Honey is filled with astounding benefits, however heating it changes its chemical composition which would be delirious and lethal to the body.

Note: If you want to enjoy black tea with peppermint flavour, we recommend that you try teakruthi’s Zen Mint tea. You can also add honey to it for taste.

teakruthi Peppermint tea
teakruthi Peppermint tea

3. Peppermint tea with lemon

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and could be very beneficial when combined with peppermint especially to cure a nasty cold. One could directly add a few drops of lemon juice to the steps mentioned in the peppermint tea recipe to reap the benefits of both the master ingredients.

Note: If you want to enjoy black tea with peppermint flavour, we recommend that you try teakruthi’s Zen Mint tea. You can also add lemon to it for taste.

4. Peppermint Iced tea

This recipe could be followed during the hot summer days. Instead of gulping down spoonfuls of sugar present in the fizz based carbonated and aerated drinks, having a cup of this tangy peppermint tea could be healthy as well as refreshing.

To prepare this icy beverage, just add a couple of ice cubes after cooling the tea prepared by the method as stated in the peppermint tea recipe. Or else one could even prepare this tea before heading out and leave it in the refrigerator. After returning home you would be delighted to have the minty tea.

You could even garnish it with a few peppermint leaves and lemon slices.

Note: You can also prepare iced tea with teakruthi’s Zen Mint tea.

These were the simple steps to prepare the tea and a variety of ways to consume it. Next, let us find out about the qualities present in a peppermint tea.

Qualities to look for in best Peppermint tea

Now, after learning all about the benefits this tea could provide, the following are the factors that are needed for analyzing the best peppermint tea.

1. Climatic conditions

The method and criteria followed until the complete harvest of this plant, plays a vital role in the quality of the plant and indirectly of the brewed tea. Peppermint plants need plenty of water; it usually grows well in cool or amongst temperate regions.

It does need an ample amount of water but at the same time, there should also be proper drainage. Unpleasant compounds could be formed in case the plant is grown under warm climatic conditions. These compounds are highly unfavourable as well as toxic, e.g. Menthofuran.

2. Harvesting period

It is stated that frequent harvesting of mint leaves is advisable. This is because the plant grows quickly and in a wild manner within no time. Regular harvesting will keep it in check and also give rise to new aromatic foliage. To increase or maintain the continuity of the growth in the plant it is recommended to pick the leaves of the plant as and when it leaves out.

3. Storage

After harvesting, if one doesn’t intend to utilize the leaves right away you could also keep it in a plastic bag and refrigerate it for up to a week. It could also be stored for about three to seven days when the stem of the plant along with the leaves (not plucked from the stem) is placed in a mug of water.

Using fresh peppermint leaves would provide maximum benefits, however, in case of excess production of this plant one could also dry the leaves and store it for a longer duration.

Following these processes, while growing the peppermint plant, the quality of the peppermint tea would no doubt be exclusively superior and of the premium kind.

teakruthi’s Zen Mint tea is one of the best peppermint tea in the market as it meets all three criteria for high-quality tea. This Zen Mint infusion is harvested from the Kandy District of Sri Lanka and is refined in a factory established there in 1950. Kandy was the last redoubt of the Sri Lankan Kings. The area is accessible only through steep mountain passes, and its isolation has ensured the preservation of the cultural traditions of the Sinhalese people for centuries. Every batch delivered to you is completely fresh and the aroma takes you on a walk through the time.

teakruthi Zen Mint tea
teakruthi Zen Mint tea

Next, let us understand whether this tea can be had by anyone at any stage or is there a restriction especially during pregnancy.

Should you have peppermint tea during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a delicate period in a woman's life. Exclusive care and safety measurements have to be undertaken to keep the child as well as the mother in a healthy condition. During such crucial times, the consumption of every food is monitored.

With regards to Peppermint tea, it is a common mild tea that is had during pregnancy. Studies have stated that neither the mother nor the child would be harmed by its consumption. It even reduces nausea and vomiting encountered during early pregnancy.

However, it is important to beware and avoid having this tea in a large amount as it promotes menstruation and can cause reflux as well. Also, it is always advisable to consult with your gynaecologist before implementing this tea or any such ingredient in the diet.

Pepermint tea
Peppermint tea

Does Peppermint Tea have caffeine?

The debate over the credibility of caffeine is an on-going one, however, in case one is faced with conditions that could be aggravated by caffeine consumption then you should be thrilled to know that pure herbal peppermint tea is considered to be safe and has no caffeine content.

Hence, it is commonly advised to have a cup of tea before going to bed. Just like every other ingredient is known to have its advantages as well as the disadvantages. Even peppermint tea has its side-effects. Keep reading to find out about them.

Peppermint tea side effects

After knowing a variety of information about the peppermint tea; it is time to know about the adverse effects this tea contributes towards.


The peppermint tea is known to worsen the condition of GERD. GERD is the gastro-intestinal reflux disease encountered when the acids present in your stomach are frequently thrown back to the oesophagus. This would cause damage to the delicate lining of the oesophagus.

It could be resulted by the consumption of this tea as it is stated that peppermint tea relaxes the muscle, with this property the muscle of the sphincter would also be relaxed and affected hence causing a hindrance to its function and thereby giving rise to GERD.

2. Reduction in sugar level

It is stated that peppermint tea can drop the sugar level in one’s body and interfere with its production. It should be avoided by those who have fluctuating or problematic sugar levels.

3. Unsuitable for infants

The flavours and strength of this tea are considered to be quite powerful. Breathing difficulties or a sensation of burning could be witnessed if this tea is given to infants or young kids.

To wind up the article, it is time to address some commonly found and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Peppermint tea

1. What does peppermint tea do?

The benefits as well as the side-effects encountered while consuming this beverage has been stated in the article. Reading them will make it evident regarding what peppermint tea does.

2. When to drink peppermint tea?

Peppermint tea could be had at any time of the day. You could even have it depending on your mood. In case you want to relax and ease out the stress especially during the current work from the home working profile, peppermint tea could just do the work.

3. Is peppermint tea good for high blood pressure?

Peppermint aids in reducing tension; hence, could lower your blood pressure. However, research is still needed to state well-established facts.

4. What is the best tea to calm nerves?

Herbal teas are stated to be the healthiest choice to calm your nerves and peppermint tea is one of them.

5. How many cups of peppermint tea can I have in a day?

One can have how much peppermint tea one wants throughout the day. As it is caffeine-free it would not cause any disruption in the sleeping pattern either. However, remain cautious and stop the consumption in case you face any kind of discomfort.
After all, anything consumed in excess is bad and unsuitable for the human body.

6. Should I have peppermint tea before bed?

Yes, one can have a cup of peppermint tea before bed as it promotes sleep.

7. Is peppermint tea a diuretic?

Yes, studies state that peppermint is a diuretic.

Finally, one could note that even though this tea is highly beneficial, some of the facts are yet not backed by thorough research. Hence, it is advised to always consult and take the opinion of your general-practitioner before beginning with the consumption of peppermint tea, to prevent any adverse effects.



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