All About Ceylon Green Tea or Sri Lankan Green Tea

Ceylon tea is a type of tea grown in Sri Lanka (former British colony of Ceylon) Nowadays, Sri Lanka is one of the most famous producers of tea. Initially, Sri Lanka was better known for its coffee plantations. When tea was brought to Ceylon by the British in 1824, it ended up replacing coffee crops after a virus attacked all the coffee plantations.

The Ceylon green tea industry of Sri Lanka, though young, is growing rapidly as its products are attracting a following among the tea-drinking nations of the world. Currently, the main export markets for green Ceylon Tea are the Middle East and the countries of the former Soviet Union. Over time, sales are also growing in Europe, North America and East Asia. Within Sri Lanka also, a taste for green tea is rapidly developing.

In the beginning tea estates in Sri Lanka only focused on producing and exporting black tea but recently have also started focussing on exporting green and white tea. These two types of tea were being produced in Sri Lanka since the 19th century but it was comparatively low scale.

Ceylon green tea is special with beautiful dark green tea leaves. The leaves can be rolled or twisted depending on the tea estate manufacturer. Ceylon green tea is full of the health benefits that are typically found in green teas. 

Ceylon green tea contains a higher amount of antioxidants (also known as polyphenols) and vitamins as compared to other forms of tea as they are not oxidized. Presence of these compounds is responsible for all the health benefits associated with green tea.

Benefits of Ceylon Green Tea

Ceylon Green Tea benefits for heart

The presence of high amount of polyphenols in Ceylon green tea lowers your blood pressure and reduces high cholesterol levels. This is one of greatest benefits of Ceylon tea for the heart. Therefore, taking a daily cup of green tea is great for reducing the risk for any heart disease or stroke.

Its antioxidant elements clean the arteries and ensure a smooth flow of blood. The clean arteries reduce the overall pressure on the heart and thus promotes longevity.

Ceylon Green Tea and Weight Loss

Ceylon green tea is great for weight loss and is used as an aid in a fat loss diet. It has thermogenic properties that stimulate fat oxidation and it also boosts your metabolism, making you burn fat faster.

Along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, this tea keeps you hydrated while stimulating your body to eliminate wastes and fat that may be harming you.

Ceylon Green Tea and Brain health

Drinking ceylon green tea on a daily basis is good for your brain. The presence of special kind of antioxidants, namely catechins increase the brain activity and enhance your memory apart from improving overall brain functionality. Caffeine present in green tea also helps in the same.

Apart from inducing wakefulness and feeling sharp, this tea reduces the probability of dementia and depression by ensuring the your brain keeps functioning properly.

Ceylon Green Tea and dental health

Drinking unsweetened green tea eliminates bacteria that cause tooth decay and other root causes of bad breath.

Rinsing with Ceylon green tea after every meal is a good option to feel an instant freshness. It will help you in preventing bacteria that not only harm your mouth but also causes stomach ailments.

Ceylon Green Tea and benefits for skin

Having a cup of Ceylon green tea regularly will provide with the defenses to fight any infection or inflammation that can harm you both internally and externally.

By keeping you hydrated, green tea reduces the chances of potential damage from environmental agents like pollution. If you are drinking green tea, your skin’s health is taken care of as it has anti-aging effects.

Ceylon green tea has antioxidants that can help you delay wrinkles and allow your skin to look fresher and brighter for a long time.

Where can I buy Ceylon Green Tea?


Pure Ceylon Green Tea is available at teakruthi.

teakruthi has two types of green tea available to choose from- Green Valley Green Tea and Mythical Green Tea.

Mythical green tea comes from Sri Lanka’s famous Nanu Oya region. History of the region dates back to the time of the popular Indian epic Ramayana. As the legend goes the Sri Lankan king, Ravana, kidnapped the princess, Sita, and hid her in caves in the surrounding area. Later, in 1896, the first tea seeds were planted in the Nanu Oya District. Since then, the superiority of teas grown on this single estate has set them far above the rest.

Green Valley blend is handpicked with care from the Nuwara Eliya Belt in the Pundalu Oya Valley, where high mountain winds produce high-quality Dimbulla Tea. Dimbulla Tea is famous for its superior quality and is frequently sought after by tea enthusiasts from around the world.


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