Health Benefits of Green Tea For Diabetes

Being aware of our surroundings is what can help us in dealing with many of our day-to-day problems related to health disorders. A disease name DIABETES MELLITUS is one which cannot be taken lightly and is very much annoying for the patient who is suffering from it. Many researches show that people at a very young age are getting trapped by this disease due to the trendy foods which include burgers, noodles, wraps, and many more. Intake of this junk food in bulk amount that too daily is injurious to health and this is very evident amongst the youth as they get afflicted with obesity. To avoid all these ill-effects of so-called trendy foods, you should take medicine that is what must be going through all of your minds but it is not so, you have to only drink GREEN TEA a solution to every problem. Green tea not only rejuvenates your skin and mind but a mouthful sip of this would inject a lot of anti-oxidants in your body. These anti-oxidants would eradicate all sorts of poisonous elements present in our body thus, reducing the risk of suffering from diseases like diabetes mellitus, obesity and many more.

There’s a necessity to understand the need of taking care of ourselves from the polluted environment which not only includes air but also the quality of food we take on a day-to-day basis. Green tea is very useful in today’s scenario. So, in coming article, I would tell you how to use this magical green tea in overcoming diabetes mellitus. To get off this quicksand of polluted surroundings, green tea is rather a boon for us. Green tea is full of nutritional goodness which improves the overall condition of your body resulting in controlled sugar levels also. Researches show how green tea is good for hair, skin, increases the healthy life possibility for us, a mere tea bag enclosed in it is only some powerful leaves which cherishes your mind and body. Diabetes is also of many types, especially type-2 diabetes is what we are concerned about because it is very often among people of age 20-35 years and even above. Basically, type-2 diabetes is a muddle which tends to increase your blood sugar level above than normal range and if it turns out to be much high then there’s a damage to kidney, liver, heart and even nerve breakdown.

A big question mark is still there how green tea is going to help in this case of diabetes, a sinful disease. Let’s see.


As time has passed we have understood the need for this green tea. Now, it’s upon us how beautifully we use this green tea for the best of our use.

  • In diabetes, the insulin resistance is developed that is, our body cells are slowly become incapable of absorbing blood sugar, popularly termed as glucose. We must be very aware of we take in breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper so that we can keep a check on our blood sugar level (glucose).


  • Added sugar in many of the drinks like a sports drink, energy drink, and soft drink increases the chances of misbalance in blood sugar levels. It will be great if we opt for green tea instead of having these drinks which have added sugar and in turn cause an adverse effect on our body.


  • Diabetes is mainly related to obesity, green tea is a master at reducing belly fat hence this mix-up is getting solved to some an extent. When there’s a reduction in weight, the insulin sensitivity increases and you will have a controlled blood sugar level.


  • A cup of green tea with that wet tea bag filled with green leaves of our very own green tea filled with a great aroma, and it can’t be ignored too have 0 calories and also 0 sugar levels thus, ensuring benefit for our body and health related to it. Drinking green tea also lowers the risk of getting afflicted to type-2 diabetes.


  • Green tea contains a natural element named as Polyphenol included with a catechin called “EGCG” (or epigallocatechin gallate), are used for prevention of cancer and optimization of health as it also treats Parkinson’s disease.


Once you are aware of the benefits of a certain thing then one chalk out the plans of collecting that thing and an important yet crucial work is to understand how we are going to make the green tea.

One of the important parts is to buy green tea from the trustworthy channel so that, it may have the required content of anti-oxidants in it which would fill your morning and evening cups with a load of health benefits. The aroma, flavor, and color of green tea is pure class of health and many health related supplements.

  • Take a tea bag containing some processed green tea leaves which are prepared by withering,


  • Boil a cup of water,


  • Immerse the tea bag into the boiled water and let it be there for at least 2 minutes.


  • Note your blood sugar level before drinking it as it contains caffeine which can have some effect on you maybe.


  • If you f el the green tea to bitter or sour which is not a case in general then, add some honey to it but no sugar.


  • Enjoy! Your blissful cup of green tea is ready.


Pure Ceylon Green tea is available at teakruthi.

It is a low grown blend which not only offers a fragrance in its tea but also gives gentle experience and is harvested from a single estate in Srilanka; our Green tea is certified ‘ozone-friendly’. Like all of our favorite teas, our Ceylon Green tea blend is packed with anti-oxidants, making it good for both environment and you.

The manufacturing of green tea demands precision and care in each step as it is to be brewed. It is exotic also fresh in flavor and light green in appearance. Green tea is unique in its aroma, taste, leaf and style of blending.






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