World is full of sufferings! Really, if we inculcate good eating habits then, it will no longer remain the same. For perfect diet regime you must select your beverages wisely maybe its tea, energy drinks, coffee and many more. Mint tea is that class of tea that not only cherishes your mind with lots of energy but also enlightens your soul from within and soothes your mind and body. Good habits are very important for smooth flow of life, and drinking mint tea is one of those good habits which you should have to cheer you up from time to time. Just imagine, one day you get up and as soon as you watched yourself in full mirror, you nearly managed to escape heart attack, as you were having a swollen face with lots of fat accumulation in tummy area. But if you daily have a sip of mint tea you will never wake up to such a weird dream that’s for sure because it contains anti-inflammatory, astringent properties. Well, it’s an interesting beverage to have. But, we should always keep in mind that these teas are not to be taken empty stomach, as they have acidic properties which would create headache for your stomach to tackle single handedly.

In coming literature, we will discuss on how mint tea is a cure for our most of the health problems.

Mint tea is exclusively made from peppermint leaves. This mint tea is basically, a blend or mixture of watermint plant or spearmint plant. Now, what is advantageous in this case is spearmint plant can be grown in low light areas which include apartments. Thus, this plant is popular among the masses. It can be used for beverage as well as for raitas and all. It has high medicinal properties as it was used by Greeks, Europeans and Romans. Recent researches show that, mint tea is the most popular tea in North America.



One of the standards of mint tea that is, skinny mint tea has created a sensation in the market as, it has evolved a new way of losing weight. According to National Institute of Health most of the researches that are held till now are actually not on mint tea but on, peppermint leaves which are very strong. As, I have already told you that mint tea is like a boon for all who have stomach ailments (gastrointestinal disorders), allergies, etc..

Let’s see how this mint tea is going to improve our health problems,

  • Reduction in calories is an important aspect in our today’s life, we intake a lot of calories sidelining the harmful effect of it on our body, the increase in belly fat the most terrible aspect. So, after dinner when you have a beverage at that time despite of having any other tea and coffee have a cup of mint tea. It will soothe your mind, act as stress buster as well as will reduce the calorie. Isn’t great, you can eat well from now.


  • Mint tea for headache, a sudden unbearable pain which cannot be treated without an effective dose of painkillers. But mint tea finds a way out in this case also as drinking a cup of green tea would relax your mind and you will see a magical drop in severity of headache. Effective pain killers would have caused a lot of imbalance in the body in coming time. These pain killers not only harm kidneys but also affect the liver. Really injurious to health.


  • Helps in combating sinus problem, sinusitis is a disease in which area around nasal cavity have a kind of bacterial infection. The menthol present in mint tea is used for soothing the pain in areas around nasal cavity. This can be taken through steam by boiling leaves of dried mint tea you can get alleviated improvement in your problem of sinusitis.


  • Sometimes it is also referred to as “Stomach Healer”. It soothes stomach ailments like heartburn, stomach cramps, stomach pain, sometimes indigestion and diarrhea. So drink mint tea for a fit stomach as healthy mind is due to a healthy body only.


  • It also has Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and Anti-fungal properties which are again very fruitful in dealing with acne, pimples and fungal infections.


  • Continuous intake of antibiotics reduces antibodies in your body resulting in degradation of your inner strength to combat daily light infections. Drinking mint tea is one of the best methods to increase your immunity so that, you can withstand small viral infections.


  • It also reduces bad breath.

All in all mint tea is very beneficial for our improvement from within and we should have a sip of this tea as, it will ease out all problems residing in our body. 


Take about one teaspoon dried mint leaves, taking care of their purity. Crush them and steep for 3 minutes or so in hot boiling water. Its fragrance is surely going to grip you and you will be tempted to take a sip, a good sip of health.



Pure Ceylon mint tea is available at Teakruthi.

It is a low grown blend full of fragrance and gentleness all incorporated which is harvested from a single estate of Srilanka. The mint tea provided by us is certified as “ozone-friendly”. As our other range of teas, our mint tea is also packed with all precious anti-oxidants, making it healthy for you as well as for your environment.

          The production of mint tea require so much of precision and care in each of the following steps, so that, we give you a pure blend of fragrance and freshness in it. It is exotic and fresh in flavor, which urges you to have a sip then, a cup and now you are addicted to it, mark our words. It is a caffeine free drink. Mint tea is stand out in its aroma, taste, leaf and style of blending.









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