In today’s world where everyone is so obsessed with social media that they don’t get time to spend with their family and also to look after themselves. Tea is a great revives in that situation as it helps you to cope up with situations like these. It not only provides soothing effect to your mind but also rejuvenates your skin, hair, nails and skin. In this article we are going to discuss that, is white tea better than green tea? Green tea is a great source of anti-oxidants which not only help our body to grow from certain problems related to hair and skin but also rejuvenates you from within which is at the same time very important. Whereas white tea also contains same type of anti-oxidants but in greater quantity. Now, what does that mean? This means that white tea and green tea belong to same plant known as camellia sinesis.

Moving on to a broader look on how these teas are harvested and what makes them different.



White tea is prepared using a rigorous method, it not only involves withering but also some other important processes which do not have a mention. The tea leave are picked and are to be spread very soon after picking so that they may not turn brown. Then, these leaves after spreading are meant to undergo a process called withering. Let’s understand what withering is? So as soon as the tea leaves are picked, the leaves start to get rolled on themselves. Now for white tea, the withering is held in a tailor made situation with controlled humidity, temperature and all of that keeping in mind.  White tea is harvested at a very young age, therefore it has many more anti-oxidants as compared to that of green tea. It helps us in dealing with problems related to heart health, lowering the risk of cancer by killing cancer cells and the most sensitive issue reduction in weight. The plus point of white tea is that, it has more quantity of anti-oxidants but less amount caffeine content in it which makes it preferably popular among those who are quite health conscious ones. As of present time, white tea is becoming more prominent due to these factors as compared to green tea.

Talking about green tea, again it is harvested from plant named camellia sinensis, the leaves in this case are quickly being heated or say steamed and then, dried so that they may not get a brown texture onto them which may alter its freshness and taste during the course of preparation of this tea. Green tea has a light green texture, with a soulful taste. It has numerous anti-oxidants which help your body from top to bottom. Be it your hair, it adds shine to them and helps the scalp fight the fungal growth on it. Be it your skin, by simply drinking it every day you can make your skin glow, as it has anti-ageing properties too. It is believed that, green tea is amongst the healthiest drinks on earth. Green tea is loaded with enormous anti-oxidants which undoubtedly are beneficial for heart, hair, skin and nails. This tea contains polyphenols which fight cancer by giving challenging those shrewd cancer cells that are present in our body and also help reduce inflammation.

Next we will see how the white tea and green tea help us in coping minor ailments.



Starting with green tea this time, there are lots of things being talked about green tea but, heart of the matter is that it rejuvenates our mind by simply having this substance called as caffeine. Also green tea has plenty of anti-oxidants which have various advantages. Whereas, white tea is not one which is very popular but, now-a-days it is in trend as people have realized that it contains anti-oxidants in large quantities. The most beneficial part of white tea is that it helps in treating cardiovascular diseases, as of now this ailment can be found in every 10th adult. As far as green tea is considered it improves the texture of hair by providing it nourishment, bounce and shininess. That’s why you can often see shampoos having that green tea extract in it. Green tea can be a sort of beauty variant, where as white tea is much to do with serious ailments like type-2 diabetes, cancer, having antibacterial properties it helps in fighting various infections and also maintains oral health. White tea and green tea reduces operative stress hence, both teas are used as stress buster. They are likely to have anti-ageing properties and help in reducing weight by increasing metabolism, when the fat gets accumulated in our body it needs to be worked on, just like the cash flow in which we want our idle money to move in the economy so as to contribute to growth. Therefore, both the teas have there specialties, but if caffeine is to criteria to differentiate between them, then white tea has an edge on it. 



Pure Ceylon white tea and green tea is available at Teakruthi.

They are low grown blend full of fragrance and gentleness all incorporated which is harvested from a single estate of Srilanka. The chamomile tea provided by us is certified as “ozone-friendly”. As our other range of teas, our chamomile tea is also packed with all precious anti-oxidants, making it healthy for you as well as for your environment.

The production of white tea has been done with so much of precision and care in each of the following steps, so that, we give you a pure blend of fragrance and freshness in it. It is exotic and fresh in flavor, which urges you to have a sip then, a cup and now you are addicted to it, mark our words. It is a low caffeine free drink.

The production of green tea has very acute chance of any mistake. So, we at teakruthi prepare it with utmost delicacy while doing any of withering or rolling processes. Green tea has greatness in sense of its exotic aroma and mindful texture. Even the caffeine present in it is quite helpful in activating your brain at times when you feel low.


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