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Shakti Veda

(Green tea infusion)
US$ 11.39
teakruthi · Buy all natural Ceylon tea online · Ceylon Matcha

Ceylon Matcha

(Matcha tea)
US$ 12.91

Taste of Ceylon

I really enjoyed this tea reminding me of a visit to Sri Lanka last year where we visited a tea plantation. I like most teas but my preference is now Ceylon.

Ian Parke

Verified Buyer and #TeaLover
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So glad I ordered

This is excellent tea! Very fresh and great combinations. I haven’t tried all of them yet but I’m sure I will be pleased. Shipping is fast, customer service is prompt and thorough, and the price is right. I will definitely order again.

Barbara Graf

Verified Buyer and #TeaLover
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Best tea ever!

I recently switched to morning tea from coffee. I must say I love this tea! It is both rich and full bodied, but is low in tannins so has a very smooth finish. I have this every day now! Try it. You won’t regret it!

Quincy Young

Verified Buyer and #TeaLover
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