ReFresh Subscription

ReFresh Subscription

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Pure Ceylon tea · Loose leaf · Monthly subscription

Are you a #TeaLover who can't do a day without your favourite cuppa? Are you counting the days till your teakruthi delivery? We've launched our teakruthi ReFresh subscription for you. Subscribe today and get 30% OFF your first 3 months with the code MyTea.

How to subscribe?

Step 1: What teas?

Tell us what teas you like.

We'll pick a selection of these, surprising you with new flavours each time. If you'd like something specific, tell us and we'll include it.

Step 2: Frequency of ReFresh

Tell us how frequently to ReFresh.

We'll have a fresh batch of teas at your doorstep like clockwork. Your first order will be sent today.

Step 3: Pay without commitment

Pay a flat-fee without commitment.

You are charged only when time for a new delivery (sorry, no debit cards or PayPal). If you need a break, cancel any time with no penalties.

Benefits of subscribing

  1. Enjoy several types of teas across our range at our lowest price per gram.
  2. Free samples of our newest tea additions delivered prior to public launch.
  3. Never have to wait or leave home to re-stock your tea cabinet.
  4. Priority order fulfilment of even the rarest teas.

What are your favourite teas?

Black and bold

Black and bold
A selection of our most trending Black teas and Infusions

Green and White delight

Green and White delight
A selection of our most trending Green teas and White teas, and Infusions

Vibrant Infusions

Vibrant Infusions
A selection of our most trending tea Infusions

teakruthi tourist

teakruthi tourist
A selection of our all-time favourites and trending teas across our entire range

How frequently should we ReFresh?

160g · 5.6oz

80g x 2 teas delivered every

2 Months

#TeaLover favourtie

320g · 11.3oz

80g x 4 teas delivered every

2 Months

320g · 11.3oz

80g x 4 teas delivered every

1 Month