Island Heritage

US$ 14.48
  • teakruthi · Buy all natural Ceylon tea online · Island Heritage
  • teakruthi · Buy all natural Ceylon tea online · Island Heritage
  • teakruthi · Buy all natural Ceylon tea online · Island Heritage
  • teakruthi · Buy all natural Ceylon tea online · Island Heritage

Island Heritage

US$ 14.48

Pure Ceylon Black tea (OP)

Loose leaf · From Dimbulla region

Grown in the hub of the largest Dimbulla tea-growing area in Sri Lanka, our Island Heritage blend offers a flowery, mild taste and boasts an orange appearance. This tea was plucked from tea bushes that were planted during the coffee era, around 1884-1885, so you can taste true Dimbulla tea-growing history in your cup. The blend features two distinctive leaves and a bud subjected to natural withering and then gently rolled in a well-type miniature roller. Afterwards, the tea is sun dried and passed through a conventional dryer to eliminate moisture. The last step, of course, is finding its way to your cup.

Tasting notes

  • Aroma

  • Liquor

  • Taste

    Flowery, smokey, mild

Health benefits of our Island Heritage tea

Island Heritage is the perfect alternative to coffee, providing a healthy dose of caffeine to get going. Island Heritage is rich in antioxidants that help reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease, and contain Polyphenols have been shown to reduce the risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer in women and Prostate Cancer in men. Learn more about the benefits of Island Heritage and our other black teas on our blog.

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Viola S.
United States

Great Tea

Love these teas.

Joshua K.
United States

Love it!

Wonderful color, smell, and taste. The tea is clean and well packaged. Thanks so much for the wonderful product!

Czech Republic

Drinking in the evening

I have opened the bag, I don't know what to expect. In smell wood went out and when I wanted to pour tea to strainer, nothing. Lots of long, not broken :O leaves. That was reason, why it didn't pour. Smell was bit unpleasant, I was expecting more typical, malty smell. But then I poured hot water (approx. 90°C) and it went great. Wood smell was gone, now it started smell bit flowery. Colour is nice as well, clear orange liquor. In taste it is nice mild black tea. Great for drinking in the evening :)


Remarkable, Top-Quality Black Tea

This tea is magnificent; the quality is apparent and the taste and aroma do not disappoint. Though this is the highest-priced black tea offered by teakruthi, it is definitely worth it. "Flowery and mild" as tasting notes, while true, actually sell this tea short. It is luscious and smooth, with delicate notes of orchid and lily of the valley, rounded out perfectly by just a hint of woody astringency. The mouthfeel is creamy, like a fine oolong, and the aftertaste leaves a lingering floral sweetness. I brewed this tea as directed for 3 minutes. It re-steeped incredibly well making 3 or even 4 flavorful cups.

  • Servings

    1 tsp (1.5g) per 1 cup (6 oz, 180 ml)

  • Brewing

    Near boil at 95-100 C (203-212 F)

  • Steepings

    3 to 5 minutes, up to 3 times

  • Suggestions

    Drink plain