Zen Mint

US$ 11.12
  • teakruthi · Buy all natural Ceylon tea online · Zen Mint
  • teakruthi · Buy all natural Ceylon tea online · Zen Mint
  • teakruthi · Buy all natural Ceylon tea online · Zen Mint
  • teakruthi · Buy all natural Ceylon tea online · Zen Mint

Zen Mint

US$ 11.12

Pure Ceylon Black tea (OP1) · Mint leaves

Loose leaf · From Kandy region · Good for Iced tea

This refreshing tea is steeped in tradition. Our Zen Mint blend was harvested from the Kandy District and refined in a factory established there in 1950. Kandy was the last redoubt of the Sri Lankan Kings. The area is accessible only through steep mountain passes, and its isolation has ensured the preservation of the cultural traditions of the Sinhalese people for centuries. From this historical place, once an important centre of Buddhism, this fresh, spicy, cool tea has taken root and flourished. When you sip this tea, enriched with mint leaves and orange in colour, you will take a walk through time.

Tasting notes

  • Aroma

    Refreshing peppermint
  • Liquor

  • Taste

    Fresh, tangy, cool

Health benefits of our Zen Mint tea

Zen Mint is the perfect drink after any meal, aiding digestion and promoting healthy bowel movements. The tea has a calming effect on the intestines and soothes muscles of the digestive tract, providing you relief from Diarrhea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and Constipation. The mint leaves featured in this tea helps bad breath and also serves as an antispasmodic that provides relief from cough. Zen Mint is rich in antioxidants that help reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease, and contain Polyphenols have been shown to reduce the risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer in women and Prostate Cancer in men.

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My favourite

My favourite purchase so far, great balance between of flavours



Well I really loved it,stong and tasty

Jayadev B.
United States

Zen mint tea!

I really liked drinking the zen mint tea, the mint flavour was very good! Looking forward to more!

Czech Republic

Too minty

I am sorry that I have to say that I don't liked this tea much. In smell it is nice minty. In hand I have saw lots of black tea and big mint leaves. I thought it will be awesome drink. But when I have brewed it, well, colour, smell is nice. But in taste I have felt only mint. It was a little bit like a toothpaste. Others were always somehow different and I have felt different flavours. Here I felt just mint. No tea taste at all. I give it 3/5; and another chance.


Hi Martin, you sound like a true to form #TeaAddict that enjoys the flavor of tea in its true form. Agree that this tea may not be for all. Some of our customers, especially in North American markets, tend to have milder palates and enjoy more flavor. As always we appreciate your comments and feedback, please keep them coming... good or bad :-)


Perfectly Balanced Mint Tea

This is the gold standard for mint tea. The flavor is perfectly balanced; both the tea flavor and the mint flavor come through excellently. The smooth. slightly malty Kandyan black tea flavors come first, followed by a rush of cool, minty sweetness. Next the light citrus notes of the tea are present, leading to a very cooling camphor finish. I brewed this as directed for 3.5 minutes. The second steep (5 minutes) was also excellent, though the tea flavor was much more prominent. This is the best mint tea blend that I have tried. I highly recommend it!

  • Servings

    1 tsp (2.0g) per 1 cup (6 oz, 180 ml)

  • Brewing

    Near boil at 95-100 C (203-212 F)
    Cold brew overnight for Iced tea. Read more about cold brewing.

  • Steepings

    3 to 5 minutes, up to 3 times

  • Suggestions

    Drink plain; good for Iced tea