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Green tea for better skin

In our lives, it’s important to take care of our doings, especially regarding our health which includes skin, hair, digestive system and all of these things. As of now, people tend to ignore all these problems and as gradually time passes, the problem related to a specific issue increase, which lands us into a situation where we can no more take the small decision. Nowadays, pollution is one of the biggest problems, which is basically the root cause of every health hazard be it skin. We all have issues related to skin, and it needs to be taken care of properly as our skin is an integral part of beauty. Skin infections which include acne, pimples, etc. are very common these days and must be cured.

The most efficacious way of getting rid of skin problems is Green tea. There are numerous products in the market of cosmetics which guarantee to have an essence of Green tea in them, why? Have you ever thought?

What is Green tea?

Green tea is made up Camellia Sinesis leaves and do not undergo the same process of withering and oxidation that is used in making of black tea and oolong tea. It is a native of China. This tea is present in different types and distinguished on the basis of horticulture involved and the manufacturing process. These anti-oxidants rich tea contains Vitamin B (panthenol), EGCG (or epigallocatechin gallate), Catechins and many more.

Green tea
Green tea

Firstly, let’s see how this magic tea aka Green tea changed the advent of teas in demand and became a boss providing infinite health benefits that you can never think of. A cup of Green tea is full of anti-oxidants, and these anti-oxidants have properties like prevention from itchy scalp, glowing skin and many more.

Green tea benefits for healthy skin

Without wasting any further time let’s get into the details on how Green tea marches like a brave troop in a battlefield, to act as a stress reliever from those pollutants that damage our skin pores, therefore, leaving it un-hydrated.

Green tea helps resuscitate the skin from within as it contains many anti-oxidants which are for re-growth of skin cells. Green tea has anti-oxidants, which reduce tanning and responsible for growing new young cells, imparting a fresh new skin which is healthy.

  • It gives a quick boost to tired eyes, so what you have to do is just take the tea bags to keep it in the refrigerator and then keep this cool pack on your eyes for 5-10 minutes which would act as inflammatory to eyes. This will soothe the eyes. The antioxidants would form a layer on eyes hence, facilitating vasoconstriction. The circulation will increase in the eyes.
  • An anti-acne property sounds great, of course, yes! The anti-oxidant named EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) serve as an anti-acne star, as it prevents pimples and acne from the skin and actually cures them too. So, no more irritating acne and pimples, hassle-free skin. What you have to do is, firstly let the tea bag douse then, open the tea bag apply in the region of a pimple with a cotton ball and rinse it after 5 minutes.
  • You can also use it for a DIY Green tea face mask which would open the pores of the skin giving your face a completely rejuvenating look. Just wet the bag, cut it open taking care nothing falls on the ground as it is precious, and then mix the content of teabag with pure honey. Honey is again an ingredient full of anti-oxidants; it gives a smooth texture to your skin and imparts a natural glow thereby, giving a boost to your complexion.
  • Sometimes, it is important to give nourishment to your scalp, as it also suffers from pollution and gets ruptured. The Green tea additives in shampoos offer a great deal of heal for your scalp. Green tea helps in the prevention of dandruff and other bacterial growth which can cause itchiness and irritation in the scalp.
  • Dark circles, indeed a problem for all of us. These are unavoidable so, to cure them we need a specialist and Green tea is helping us here also. The astringent qualities of Green tea make it as a reliever from dark circles, no need of spending lots of money for dark circles, just have a good sip of Green tea. Go Green.

Treatment of Psoriasis, dry and flaky skin doesn’t come in the popular skin type but in a bad skin type. To overcome this problem, a sure shot solution is required and hence we opt for Green tea. A study held in 2007 shows that Green tea has ingredients which help in recovering from a disease like psoriasis, many more inflammatory diseases.

Green tea extracts used in beauty products

Throughout the article, we highlight the importance of Green tea and how it refreshes and rejuvenate your skin in many ways. Green tea is commonly added to many cosmetic products as it helps enhance your skin and also acts as an anti-inflammatory in most of the cases. The use of Green tea, a natural product is considered a far safer alternative than the use of artificial chemical additives that have harmful effects that degrade the skin.

Drinking Green Tea
Drinking Green tea

Where can I get Green tea?

100% Pure Ceylon Green tea is available at teakruthi.

It is a low grown blend full of fragrance, texture and gentleness all incorporated, harvested from a single estate of Srilanka. The Green tea provided by us is also certified as “ozone-friendly”. As our other range of teas, our Green tea is also packed with all precious anti-oxidants, making it healthy for you as well as for your environment.

The production of Green tea requires so much precision and care in each of the following steps, so that, we give you a pure blend of anti-oxidants and fragrance in it. It is exotic and fresh in flavour, which urges you to have a sip then, a cup and now you are addicted to it, mark our words. It is light Green in appearance. Green tea is stand out in its aroma, taste, leaf and style of blending.

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Mohit Dave

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