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How To Choose The Best Matcha Tea?

Another brighter shade of tea has become immensely popular for its health benefits; it is called Matcha tea. Matcha tea is used in the preparation of limitless assemblies of lattes and cake recipes.

Traditionally matcha tea was served in the ceremonial bowl along with a bamboo whisk. Now, it’s making its way into the households as one of the healthiest morning beverages.

what is matcha tea

Matcha tea is currently rising in popularity all thanks to the rising importance of having food rich in antioxidants. Along with its very high antioxidant content, matcha tea also provides a remarkable energy boost.

For those who develop a taste for its grassy flavor and aroma, the drink is known to be tantalising for the senses. Let us dive further into knowing more about matcha tea.

What is Matcha Tea?

Matcha tea is made by harvesting young tree leaves and then crushing and grinding them to green-colored powder. Similar to green tea, even matcha tea is derived from the Camellia sinensis plant. It is the powdered version of green tea. 

However, matcha tea is grown differently.

The leaves utilized in preparing the matcha tea are covered by farmers for a period of 20 to 30 days before it is harvested so that the tea leaves are not harmed by sunlight.

Did you know, it’s because of this procedure, that there is a boost in the amino acid content of the tea? It also causes the leaves to have a darker green hue. 

matcha tea powder

The matcha tea has an explicit nutrient profile and numerous health benefits. So, let us move ahead and learn about the advantages your body can derive from the consumption of matcha tea.  

Top Benefits Of Drink Best Matcha Tea

Adding bright green and smooth matcha tea to your diet would bestow multifarious health benefits because of its unique nutritional qualities. Here are some of them -                                                     

1. Boosts focus and concentration

Many years ago, matcha tea was first introduced to the Japanese culture as an aid to practice meditation. The monks were required to sit for long hours and consumption of the matcha tea helped them to acquire the same. It keeps the mind calm yet alert.

Isn’t it amazing to know that modern science has also confirmed this century-old practice! Matcha has a high content of L-Theanine which is a rare amino acid that advocates the phenomena of relaxation.

L-Theanine is a component that is found in most tea variations, however, its content may be five times more in matcha tea than the regular version of green and black tea. Hence, the next time you are struggling to focus make yourself a cup of matcha tea and ace up your concentration ability!

2. Rich in antioxidants

Matcha is rich in catechin, which is a powerful antioxidant. Did you know one sip of matcha tea provides you with a megadose of antioxidants? This premiere tea is packed with an exponentially higher level of antioxidants than any other superfood.

Research states that matcha tea has 137 times more antioxidants as compared to other regular versions of tea or green tea! Antioxidants are important for your system as it aids to reduce the aging side-effects found in the body.

At the same time, it also stabilizes the free radicals that usually cause damage to the cells present in our body that could give rise to major diseases. So go ahead and introduce a cup of matcha tea in your diet to lower the risk of suffering from chronic illnesses! 

matcha tea benefits 

3. Prevents cancer

Did you know the catechin present in matcha tea, called the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) bestows the body with cancer-fighting properties?

The EGCg and other catechins present in matcha tea work against the free radicals that increase in our system with exposure to UV rays, pollution, radiation, and some chemicals present in the environment.

If these free radicals aren’t controlled or stabilized, they can damage the DNA of our body. Matcha tea has EGCg content as high as 60%, therefore consumption of matcha tea on a regular basis could preserve the body’s fundamental wellbeing.

4. Works as a detoxifier

Do you often feel the need to undertake a detox diet after a week of binge eating? Well, matcha tea could be one of the foods you could consume in your detoxification journey or even as a regular beverage.

It purges the harmful elements and cleanses the system. The green colour of green tea and matcha tea is because of the chlorophyll, which is also a powerful detoxifier. It aids in obliterating chemicals and heavy metals from the body.

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5. Improves memory power

L-theanine, a component that is abundantly present in matcha tea has another added advantage. It helps in enhancing your memory retention capability, making it easier for you to remember information.

Did you know a cup of matcha tea fosters your concentration along with the ability to think clearly? Matcha tea does all this without promoting the negative anxious vibes many people experience after having a cup of coffee. Hence, you could safely consume a cup of matcha tea without the fear of facing jitters.    

Now, as we have known the benefits of consuming matcha tea, you might be curious to try out one for yourself. Wondering how to choose the best matcha tea for yourself? Before we answer that, let’s understand a bit more about Matcha tea.

What Are The Different Types Of Matcha Tea?

You must be familiar with the traditional tea powders that come in the form of loose leaves or tea bags. But did you know that matcha tea is an elixir in the powdered format?

Hence, there are numerous grades of the matcha tea powder established based on their quality, appearance, and method of processing. Ahead are the two main categories of matcha tea - 

1. Ceremonial grade matcha tea

The ceremonial grade matcha tea is prepared from the youngest leaves. Their stems and veins are eliminated before they are stone ground. 

Purpose - It is blended especially in such a way so that it could be whisked with hot water alone. The ceremonial grade tea is supposed to be had without the addition of sweeteners or other ingredients.

Flavor - High-quality ceremonial grade tea is naturally sweet and has a mild flavor. This tea has delicate nuances that could be best enjoyed when pure and combined with hot water alone.

Color, aroma, texture - This premium tea grade has a bright green hue and a texture similar to talc powder. It has a naturally fresh and partially grassy aroma.

This is the most premium quality of matcha tea and the best ceremonial matcha grade tea originated in Japan. However, considering its high cost and traditional preparation methods, this might not be best suited for everyone.

Another limitation of ceremonial grade matcha tea is that this premium-grade ceremonial tea is not suitable for cooking or baking. The only way to prepare it is by whisking it in hot water. 

If you are the kind of tea connoisseur who is particular about trying only the elite options, this is the best matcha tea for you. However, if you are looking for the best matcha tea that doesn’t require spending exorbitantly, then there’s another type of matcha tea that you should be looking at.    

2. Culinary grade matcha tea

The next category of matcha is the culinary grade. This is the grade that is often utilized in cooking and baking recipes. You could drink the culinary grade matcha tea as well; it also belongs to premium quality however there’s a variation in the flavor profile.

They are prepared differently for different requirements. Next, let us look at the flavor, color, smell, and texture of the culinary-grade matcha tea.

Flavor - The culinary grade would seem to be more bitter than ceremonial grade matcha tea. It has more bitter undertones than sweetness.

Color, smell, and texture - Even culinary grade matcha tea would have a grassy aroma and the texture would be smooth and not coarse. It may not look as green as the ceremonial grade however the culinary grade tea also has a noticeably green hue.   

The culinary grade tea is suitable for you if you’re looking to experiment with different types of preparations of Matcha tea, like iced latte or hot latte.

Now, as we have known about the various grades and categories of matcha tea and have got a fair idea regarding each of them, next let us look into the best matcha tea obtainable.  

Which Is The Best Matcha Tea?

The best Matcha tea for you is the one that caters to your unique taste without compromising on the health benefits. The preparation method of the Matcha tea plays a huge role in determining its quality and taste.

Irrespective of the type of Matcha tea you choose, it’s important that you check the freshness and purity of the tea.

Teakruthi recommends Pure Ceylon Matcha tea, specially crafted green tea powder from the famous Nuwara Eliya region of Sri Lanka. Cultivated by master growers in an artisan-style in the Nuwara Eliya region of Sri Lanka and skillfully tended until each leaf has reached the peak of perfection. This Matcha tea boasts a host of health benefits, just as those grown in Japan.

ceylon matcha best matcha tea

Every batch of Pure Ceylon Matcha tea is freshly harvested to retain its flavour and nutritional benefits. With 50-60mg caffeine per cup (6 oz), it is the perfect health drink to start your morning with. It gives you the much needed energy boost along with the host of health benefits.

And don’t worry, this tea is perfectly well suited for everyday consumption!

The taste of Pure Ceylon Matcha tea is unique but similar to the traditional Japanese Matcha. You can prepare it with hot water or foam it into a latte with milk. The tea also tastes well with honey and other sweeteners. You could use it to prepare a morning matcha latte or an afternoon smoothie matcha.

The fresh herbaceous aroma of the brewed green matcha tea will enliven your senses at any time of the day.

The texture of the premium grade matcha tea is pretty fine and hence breaks and mixes easily in the water.  Whether you are preparing a matcha green tea smoothie or a warm cappuccino, Pure Ceylon Matcha Tea would not leave you disappointed!

And that’s not all! You can also use this Matcha tea to experiment with different recipes. Pure Ceylon Matcha tea is perfectly well-suited for recipes involving milk or any other dairy item. You could even make a green tea ice cream or a matcha smoothie.

As it has a pretty thick consistency it functions amazingly when added to sauces and desserts. Remember to whisk the matcha thoroughly to prevent the formation of lumps when including it in your recipes.

To prepare this grade of matcha tea, all you need to do is take one teaspoon of the powder and add it to a cup of hot water. It is crucial to whisk the beverage well to prepare a smooth matcha tea drink. After that, you can add milk along with honey or sugar to further customize the tea as per your taste.  

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