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4 Calming Teas for a Restful Night's Sleep

After a tiring day of work and chores, turning off your brain, even when your body is aching for sleep, can be a difficult task. It can be especially difficult for people who work on computers and screens. The light from the screens that you have to cope with throughout the day can make switching your active brain and sensitized eyes off difficult. Irregular sleep patterns, do more than just physically and mentally exhaust you. It increases the risk factors of serious medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.

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Adding a cup of tea to your nighttime ritual can help you regulate and improve your sleep patterns. The active ingredients of different teas can help you distress, reduce your anxiety levels, and fall asleep faster and better. Here is everything you need to know about night ritual teas and their effect on how you fall (and stay) asleep for a good night’s rest.

What are the Effects of Caffeine on Sleep?

Caffeine found in coffee, tea, and carbonated water/soda boosts cognitive function and alertness. It would be great for morning, but at night, mental alertness isn’t what bodes well for a restful sleep. It takes close to an hour for the effects of caffeine to present themselves, and they can last for 2-5 hours. Tea contains caffeine, but in lower doses than coffee or soda. Black and white teas have less caffeine than most coffee blends/roasts. Herbal teas have little to no caffeine content and are perfect for the night.


Caffeine Content in Beverages


How does Tea help you sleep?

Tea, especially herbal teas, have low caffeine and calorie content making it ideal before bed time. Even the act of preparing it, enjoying it has a soothing effect for both the body and the mind. The calming ritual of brewing the tea, letting it steep, and then enjoying the relaxing beverage can be a way for you to take out for yourself from the busy schedules, and constant, tedious workload of the day. It is a way for your body and brain to wind down and relax into the mindset of rest.

The few minutes it will take you to prepare the cup of tea, is time away from the screens, away from the harmful blue light, and a chance to decompress before bed.

The Best Teas to help you Sleep

Herbal teas, like chamomile or peppermint, are natural sedatives. They contain no caffeine or calorie content, and can help you de-stress before sleep. Premium tea brands offer herbal tea blends and infusions that can help you  fall asleep smoothly and improper your sleep patterns. Here are some of the best teas you can incorporate into your night time ritual.

  • Chamomile Tea

Widely prescribed by sleep-therapists and experts, Chamomile tea improves and regulates sleep patterns. Chamomile contains an antioxidant called apigenin, which is a mild, natural sedative. It soothes the nervous system, calms you down, and helps you fall asleep. Chamomile tea contains neither caffeine nor calorie content.


Chamomile Tea


Chamomile Tea also contains antioxidants that help regulate blood pressure, cholesterol, and insulin. Regular consumption of chamomile tea can help prevent serious medical conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.The anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties of chamomile tea boosts blood circulation and digestion and regulates disorders like irritable bowel syndrome.

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  • Bring a pot of water to boil and add a teaspoon of chamomile tea. Let the tea leaves infuse for a couple of minutes. Strain the brew into a cup and add honey or a lemon wedge to add flavors to it.
    Enjoy your cup of chamomile tea 20-30 minutes before bed for a restful night of sleep.
      • Lavender Tea

      Lavender tea helps soothe the impulses of the brain cells and calms you down after a tiring day at work. The antioxidants of lavender tea help improve sleep quality. It also helps reduce the effects of fatigue and can combat depression and anxiety.


      Lavender Tea


      The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of lavender tea boost skin and hair health. It reportedly boosts collagen and has powerful anti-ageing properties.


      • You can infuse dried or fresh lavender flowers in a pot of boiling water. Strain the water and use it to brew yourself a cup of tea.
      • You can choose a herbal tea blend with lavender extracts. Add boiling water to a teaspoon of the tea leaves and let it steep for about 10 minutes. Strain the tea and enjoy a soothing cup of tea. Teakruthi’s Ananda  Veda with its subtle notes of lime and ginger along with the essential oils and extracts of lavender, rosehip, and linden (lime flower) calms both your body and mind. A perfect combination of the aromatherapy and ayurveda holistic approach, it is the perfect sleep-aid. 
        Enjoy your cup of lavender tea 10-15 minutes before bed.
          • Peppermint Tea

          Peppermint contains menthol which is a natural muscle relaxant. It loosens tired and constricted muscles and soothes fatigue. Peppermint tea reduces stress and anxiety levels and can help you get a restful night’s sleep after an exhausting day at work. Calorie and caffeine free, it is a perfect brew after a meal at night.


          Peppermint Tea


          Peppermint tea boosts digestion and can remedy constipation and bloating. The menthol in peppermint tea also acts as a natural decongestant. It soothes sore throats and treats allergic reactions due to seasonal changes.


          • You can bring a pot of water to the boil and infuse it with peppermint leaves. Strain the leaves out and use the infused water to brew a cup of tea.
          • Choose a herbal tea blend of peppermint and brew it as you would any hot cup of tea. You can add a splash of milk and sugar according to your tastes. Teakruthi’s Zen Mint is refreshingly cool with a subtle zest and aroma.
            Women who are in the early stages of pregnancy should avoid peppermint tea. 

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              • Lemongrass Tea

              Lemongrass tea with its low caffeine content is a soothing, mildly citrusy brew that helps improve and regulate sleep. It reduces anxiety, stress and improves immunity. 

              Lemongrass tea contains anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that boost digestion, regulates blood pressure, and improves blood circulation. It also contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C which gives it powerful anti-ageing properties. 


              • You can infuse lemongrass in a pot of boiling water and use it to brew yourself a cup of tea.
              • You can choose a herbal tea blend with lemongrass infusions and use it to brew a cup. Teakruthi’s Ahimsa Veda combines the comforting and soothing properties of lemongrass with the powerful antioxidant properties of star anise and peppermint. 
                If you are on medication for thyroid-related medical conditions, it is best to consult a physician before you incorporate lemongrass tea in your nighttime ritual.


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