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What are the benefits of lemon tea with honey?

Most health-conscious people are aware of the immense benefits of drinking lemon water early in the morning for good health. Over a period of time, lemon tea has gained equal importance and reputation for being a great healthy beverage especially when it’s taken early in the morning with honey. In this article, we are going to delve into how lemon tea with honey is a great health drink with a host of benefits.

Lemon: Rich in Vitamin C and boosting immunity

A lot of people think that benefits associated with drinking lemon tea or lemon water early in the morning are mostly around weight loss. But that’s not the truth. The most important reason for lemon tea's immense health benefits is its richness in Vitamin C.

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Lemon has long been known for its cleansing properties. It contains a fair amount of vitamin C, is less than 25 calories and is also a natural diuretic. Because of its cleansing properties, it’s considered great for cleansing the liver and flushing out waste and toxins. Along with this, it also aids digestion and assists in overall weight loss. Its antiviral and antibacterial properties boost the immune system and its antioxidant properties are great for the heart.

Pure Ceylon tea
Pure Ceylon tea

Honey: Boosting metabolism and immunity

Now talking about honey, along with being a great natural sweetener that adds to the overall taste of lemon tea, it also comes with a host of health benefits that a lot of people are unaware of. Unlike other sweeteners that add heavy calories and lead to weight gain, honey aids in weight loss. It increases the body’s metabolism which causes you to burn more fat than usual, even when sleeping. Not only this, but it also boosts your immunity to whole another level and boosts overall energy. The glucose content of honey is easily absorbed in the body and that helps in regulating overall sugar levels. 

Thus, it can be said for sure that having lemon honey tea regularly can help you fight common ailments. 

Drinking honey and lemon tea in the morning on an empty stomach can be very beneficial. It works as an excellent detox agent. Besides cleansing your body, it can uplift your mood and can drive out lethargy.

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Now, you might be interested to know other health benefits of lemon tea with honey.

Health benefits of lemon and honey tea

Benefits of lemon honey tea
Lemon honey tea has many health benefits
  • Honey lemon tea is as a body cleanser. The cleansing properties of this tea help in removing all the toxins from the body.
  • It serves as a digestive aid by providing an overall calming effect on the stomach.
  • The detoxifying action of green tea helps in overall boosting of the immune system of the body.
  • Because of its antioxidants properties and concentration of vitamins and minerals, it serves as an effective home remedy for common ailments like colds and sore throats. It is also somewhat effective in providing relief from a cough. The natural enzymes and vitamin C from lemon and honey provide a soothing effect on the throat.
  • The skin disorders and acne can be effectively reduced by drinking lemon tea with honey regularly as its antioxidant properties provide a host of benefits to the skin and make it look healthier.
  • Both lemon and honey aid in weight loss by serving as they have fat-burning properties.
  • It’s a great morning drink as it not only to energizes the body but also refreshes the mind. Unlike beverages with a high amount of caffeine, it has a soothing effect that lasts.
  • The risks of skin cancer are greatly reduced owing to the antioxidant properties of the skin.
  • Both lemon, as well as honey, have antibacterial, antifungal and natural antioxidant properties which help in preventing infections and diseases.
  • Lemon honey tea is also great for curing hangovers. Excess consumption of alcohol leads to a hangover, an unpleasant, bad taste in the mouth and an uneasy stomach. Lemon honey tea serves as an excellent remedy for such hangovers. Honey also helps in the process as the fructose component in honey prevents rapid changes in alcohol levels.

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How to make lemon honey tea?

Making lemon honey tea
Making lemon honey tea

It is quite simple to make honey lemon tea. It starts with the simple process of boiling the water and adding the tea leaves. The water quality should be good and tea leaves must have been stored properly. Otherwise, the taste might not be up to the expectations.

After that, the boiled tea is drained into a cup and honey is added to it. One may add honey to taste. Now, finally, one spoon of lemon juice is added to this. 

If short of time, lemon honey tea can also be prepared in a microwave. Water is taken in a microwave-safe mug and add honey and microwave it for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Add tea bag and lime juice and stir well till honey gets dissolved.

What makes lemon tea with honey special?

1. Vitamin C Benefits

Water-soluble, vitamin C helps fight free radicals that are capable of damaging your DNA. Free radicals are known to contribute to diseases such as cancer and heart disease, as suggested in studies at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Vitamin C also reduces the risk of cataract development by 80 per cent, due to altering the negative effects of these free radicals.

Vitamin C is also helpful in maintaining and repairing teeth and bones. Moreover, your body requires this antioxidant to form collagen, a protein used to build skin, blood vessels, cartilage, and tendons. This is how it helps in overall repairing functions of the body.

2. Bioflavonoid Quercetin

Lemon is one of the citrus fruits that contain quercetin. Quercetin is a flavonoid that protects the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas from getting damaged due to the harmful effects of the free radicals. Quercetin is also well known for its anti-inflammatory effect. This results in an overall stabilization of the cells in the body. It reduces histamines, the chemicals that trigger allergic reactions. 

According to some research, Quercetin is capable of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and can help promote apoptosis, a type of cell death. Hence, it might be useful for preventing cancer.

Lemon tea with honey
Lemon tea with honey

3. Blood Sugar Control

Hesperidin, a compound in lemons, can modify the function of enzymes that affect your blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol. Hesperidin also shields the body from the early stages of diabetes.

4. Powerful Limonoids

Limonoids are chemicals compounds present in lemon that reduce the rate of growth and development of cancer cells. It was revealed in a study published in the “Journal of Nutrition” that these compounds have the potential to enhance cancer cell death when tested against human cancer cells. 

Now, talking about the immense health benefits of lemon tea with honey makes it clear why it is gaining popularity as a health beverage.

Limonoids are an active Cancer prevention agent in Lemon tea
Limonoids are an active Cancer prevention agent in Lemon tea

Where can I buy tea to prepare the best lemon tea with honey?

Pure Ceylon Green Tea is available at teakruthi.

This tea comes from Sri Lanka’s famous Nanu Oya region. History of the region dates back to the time of the popular Indian epic Ramayana. As the legend goes the Sri Lankan king, Ravana, kidnapped the princess, Sita, and hid her in caves in the surrounding area. Later, in 1896, the first tea seeds were planted in the Nanu Oya District. Since then, the superiority of teas grown on this single estate has set them far above the rest — literally. At an elevation of between 1,402-1,950m, this high grown tea has spent its life on top of the world.

teakruthi's Mythical Green blend appears yellow in colour and boasts a mild, roasted flavour that will earn it a permanent place in your cup.

A vast range of options for pure Ceylon black tea is available at teakruthi. You may choose based on your strength and flavour preferences.

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