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What is Ceylon white tea?

Ceylon white tea is a rare and exquisite tea grown in Sri Lanka. It is composed of exclusively of long tea buds covered in dense downy hairs. This is what makes it different from all other forms of tea. Owing to the unique characteristics, this tea has a light honey-like fruity flavour. This very light Ceylon white tea brews a citrusy and honeyed tea that needs no sugar, honey or milk.

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Origins of Ceylon tea

The word ‘Ceylon’ tea originated from British Colony Ceylon in Sri Lanka. When the coffee plantations of Sri Lanka were destroyed due to infestation, Britishers had introduced tea plantations which became a great success over a period of time.

Tea hills of Sri Lanka
Tea hills of Sri Lanka

From the beginning, Ceylon teas have displayed a higher quality and a wonderful flavour. Because of this, they have gained an amazing reputation. ‘Ceylon’ started to get associated with ‘high quality’ that’s why the tea still keeps the original colonial name as its brand. Some of the best-known tea companies use this tea in their blends, teakruthi being one of them.

Particularly in the Nuwara Eliya tea estate near Adam’s Peak is a plantation in Sri Lanka famous for producing White Tea. What makes White Tea so rare and unique is that only slightly curved silver tea buds, which are over an inch long (~2.5cm) are picked to compose this tea. Sri Lanka has more tea bushes capable of producing these long buds.

Map of 'Ceylon', today known as Sri Lanka
Map of 'Ceylon', known today as Sri Lanka

Processing of Ceylon White tea

While plucking the right kind of tea leaves and buds is the first step, Ceylon white tea goes through various stages of processing to result in the perfect blend. Each step of processing requires immense care and precision. 

Ceylon 'Silver Tips'
Ceylon 'Silver Tips'

The first step of harvesting is done by hand to ensure the silvery buds that are unique to Ceylon White Tea remain intact. Tea bushes for Ceylon White Tea are usually grown at an altitude of 2200m to 2500m. No machines are used in the process of harvesting so that the buds remain intact.

In the next step, harvested tea buds are rolled by hand so that they are slightly curved. Then, they are left to wither in the sunlight.

The next step involves drying the tea buds in the most natural way possible such that almost no oxidation takes place. After this, the Ceylon white tea is sorted, packed and shipped across the world. 

The overall process of white tea production is costlier in comparison to the processing of black tea, making it a rare and delicate form of tea.

Benefits of Ceylon White tea

Ceylon White tea
Ceylon White tea

Just like other forms of tea, Ceylon white tea is also rich in polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. These constituents of Ceylon white tea result in a host of health benefits.

White Tea also has anti-inflammatory properties. This reduces the risk of developing arthritis and managing the pain associated with it.

Ceylon White tea has anti-viral and anti-biotic properties 

The antioxidants present in white tea are capable of strengthening your immune system. Having white tea regularly is helpful to build your defences on a daily basis.

White tea aids in the prevention of diseases and the overall healing process by warding off viruses and bacteria. A cup of white tea with a spoon of honey is helpful in managing cold and flu.

Ceylon White tea has calming and energizing effects

Ceylon tea has both calming and energizing effect owing to the perfect balance of theanine and caffeine respectively. Theanine is an amino acid that relaxes the mind.

Hence, it’s helpful in reducing anxiety and depression. The quantity of caffeine isn’t very high and that makes White tea a much more preferred beverage for those who have a caffeine sensitivity.

Caffeine in tea works differently from that of coffee, taking more time to dissipate into the bloodstream and having a longer energizing effect.

Calming and energizing effects of Ceylon White tea
Calming and energizing effects of Ceylon White Tea

Ceylon White tea is good for the heart

White tea helps in preventing blood clots from forming in your arteries. This is helpful to prevent strokes. Along with this, the anti-oxidants present in white tea are good for the heart and promotes overall strength.

The two main causes of heart attacks are bad cholesterol and low blood pressure. White tea helps in preventing and managing both of these symptoms.

Drinking white tea regularly along with an overall healthy diet and physical exercise will ensure good health for your heart.

Ceylon White tea helps in weight loss

Polyphenols present in white tea improve overall digestion and increase the rate of your metabolism.

It also reduces the risk of indigestion and acid reflux. Having white tea regularly gets your stomach to process foods faster and getting rid of waste products faster.

Along with a healthy diet and physical exercise, Ceylon white tea helps in burning the fat much faster. Not only that, but it also helps in preventing the absorption and accumulation of fat in the body.

Where can I buy Ceylon White tea?

At teakruthi, two variations of white tea are available. One is Ceylon Ivory White tea. Also known as silver needle, this is the purest form of white tea. Silver needle white tea consists of only the buds of the plant and is very rare, as it is harvested only two days of the year. It is hand-plucked, naturally withered and gently hand-rolled before firing. Made from the first leaf of a pea shoot from the clone, Teakruthi's white tea is fresh, light, mild, and nutty in flavour, and appears pale yellow in colour. Their white tea offers a pure drinking experience that is delicate in both flavour and aroma.

The second variation of white tea available at teakruthi is Ceylon Gold White tea. This tea is a special type of ‘Golden Tips’ White Tea which undergoes a very special, careful process to give it its fine, splendid flavour. Ceylon Gold is harvested from a young tea bush before the buds have opened. From there, the buds are dried in natural sunlight, allowing the tips to maintain their velvety golden colour. Since the young buds are so delicate, they are handled with the utmost care. This tea is from an estate in Hatton in Nuwara Eliya. It is western high grown and displays a brownish-gold colour in the cup. This fine tea boasts a light, fine, tart flavour that we can only attribute to the time and care dedicated to harvesting and processing this tea.

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Try Ceylon white tea

15% OFF your first teakruthi order with code MYTEA

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