Dear tea lover,

If you are a true tea lover as we are, you will know how hard it is to find a quality cuppa tea. Most of today’s leading tea brands available in the grocery are far from “healthy” — they are either GMO-enhanced, contain residue from chemical fertilizers or have artificial flavour enhancers added in. You deserve better!

At teakruthi, we promise to bring you a cleaner, healthier and tastier cuppa tea direct from some of the world’s finest tea gardens. A cuppa teakruthi is three things:

  1. Making a difference.

    At teakruthi, we believe a good cuppa tea begins with doing good. For each dollar spent at teakruthi, we donate 4% towards fighting child poverty and exploitation around the world through four great charities. Learn more about teakruthi 4kids.

  2. All-natural and sustainably grown.

    We source our teas from speciality tea gardens committed to natural and sustainable farming practices. All our growers produce non-GMO teas without artificial preservatives and the use of hazardous pesticides (methyl bromides), and some are certified through Ethical Tea Partnership, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ. Most of our packaging (except our airtight tea leaf pouch) is made of recycled materials.

    Our ‘just-in-time’ sourcing analytics helps us forecast demand and purchase small-batches of tea direct from farmers within a week of production. This means, unlike large commercial brands, we don't stock mass quantities of teas in a warehouse, leaving it to wither and the flavour to flatten. You receive your tea immediately after it is plucked and processed, without any artificial preservatives to maintain its taste.

  3. Single-origin, pure Ceylon tea.

    Ceylon tea (from Sri Lanka) is world-renowned as one of the best in the world. In 1893 Ceylon tea catapulted to tea fame when “Ceylon Fever” hit the United Kingdom and was sold at the London auctions for a record-breaking price of £36.15 per lb (over £4600 today in today's currency). Legend has it that Queen Victoria was a big fan of Ceylon tea for her afternoon cup, and was said to fling her teacup across the room if she found the tea not up to standards.

    At teakruthi, we aim to bring you the cuppa tea that Queen Victoria so enjoyed. We do not blend our tea leaves with inferior leaves or those from other regions, and every cup we serve is 100% Pure Ceylon.

We hope you enjoy your cuppa teakruthi as much as we enjoyed crafting it for you. If not, please email us and we'll gladly refund your order. That’s our guarantee. We're always open to any other feedback so please reach out at

From Ceylon with love,

Dilan Fernando

Dilan Fernando,
Co-founder and #TeaMaster.

Lasith Lansakara

Lasith Lansakara,
Co-founder and #TeaLover.

Dilan Fernando Dilan Fernando
"Tea is my life. I am the guy responsible for crafting your teas"
Lasith Lansakara Lasith Lansakara
"I am an avid tea lover. At teakruhi, I'm responsible for marketing and customer experience"