All natural and ethical, your feel good tea!

Like you, we are lovers of a fine cup of freshly brewed tea. If your palate is anything as demanding as ours, we know that you prefer a nice hot cup of all natural tea, which has no artificial additives. As nothing but the freshest cup of tea will do for us, we could serve you nothing less. We expect our teas to be an adventure, transporting you to the exotic location at which it is grown and a mini vacation from your daily routine. Your teakruthi experience defines our bar for success.

#AllNatural, with no artificial additives

Your health and wellbeing is important to us and as such we refuse to add any artificial flavoring or preservatives in our teas. Our teas are all natural and non-GMO, exquisitely selected and made to an exacting and premium quality standard for the most discriminating tea connoisseurs to enjoy over and over again.

We are committed to delivering you the freshest teas on the market with full flavor and rich aroma still intact. Through our unique ‘Just-In-Time’ sourcing model we are able to bring you our teas within three months of being picked and without adding any artificial additives or preservatives. Our sourcing eliminates the middlemen and goes directly to some of Sri Lanka's finest tea estates. Sri Lanka’s unique climate allows tea to be grown all year round (unlike the seasonal flushes in Darjeeling) and gives us access to tea throughout the calendar without having to store for months (sometimes years) in a warehouse.

An #EthicalTea, giving back to our community and Earth

Ethically and sustainably sourced, we give back to both our plantation workers and the Earth. We only select tea leaves from plantations that strictly adhere to standards of minimum wage and working conditions for their workers. Most of the plantations we use have these standards confirmed through third-party certifications such as the Ethical Tea Partnership, Rainforest Alliance, or UTZ. However, some smaller plantations are unable to afford certification testing but we work with them to ensure standards.

In addition to ensuring that workers are sustainably provided for, we donate a portion of all proceeds to support the education of the children of plantation workers in Sri Lanka. We pride ourselves on being able to give back to those who give us, and our customers, so much. We not only provide tea that makes you feel good when you drink it, but also tea that you can feel good about drinking.

#SingleOrigin, pure Ceylon Tea

We do not blend our teas with inferior tea leaves, and all our teas are ‘Single Origin’ sourced and are 100% Pure Ceylon.

Ceylon, as Sri Lanka was once called, is known to produce some of the most prized teas in the world. In the 1890s Ceylon tea catapulted to tea fame when “Ceylon Fever” hit the United Kingdom and was sold at the London auctions for a record-breaking price of almost £2, (over £70 today). Legend has it that Queen Victoria was a big fan of Ceylon tea for her afternoon cup, and was said to fling her tea cup across the room if she found the tea not up to her standards!

Today, Ceylon tea is known to be one of the ‘cleanest’ teas in the world. Governed by strict standards, Ceylon tea doesn’t use any hazardous pesticides (methyl bromides) and is certified ‘Ozone friendly’ by the Montreal Protocol. When you sip on your cup of Pure Ceylon teakruthi, you’re not just refreshing yourself; but also helping refresh and renew a resource important to protecting our Earth.