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9 Wonderful Lemon Balm Tea Benefits + Easy Recipe

A steaming cup of lemon balm tea is invigorating and pleasantly refreshing. If you’re already a tea lover, then this calming concoction will make your tea time even more enjoyable. It could help you rewire your thoughts and even arrive at solutions to their work demands. While for others, it could be just what they look forward to when getting off the bed. 

Lemon balm tea is the perfect drink for the much needed ‘me time’ even during your busiest days! Other than serving the purpose of a lovely refreshment, this tea also provides colossal amounts of health benefits.  

So, keep on reading as this article gives you a comprehensive insight on lemon balm tea, its benefits, recipes, and even our top recommendations.

What Is Lemon Balm and Why Is It Used to Prepare Tea?

Lemon balm, scientifically known as Melissa officinalis, is a perennial herb that carries a mildly sweet lemon scent and belongs to the mint family. The leaves of the lemon balm plant possess a slight lemony aroma and are conveniently used for various culinary purposes like preparing tea, salad dressing, marinating chicken, or fish. 

Did you know lemon balm is also utilized extensively for healing numerous medical ailments? It majorly provides relief to the liver, digestive tract, and nervous system. Other than these, it even functions as a mosquito repellant, skin balm and is even included to rinse hair and clarify the scalp.

 lemon balm tea time

Lemon balm plants are known to have numerous aromatic as well as health-related benefits which are mentioned further in the article. These characteristics make it a perfect ingredient for the preparation of reinvigorating herbal tea. Also, lemon balm grows rapidly and spreads widely when grown in a garden. Even dried lemon balm herbs could be used based on your convenience.

Next, let us have a look at the advantages of relishing a cup of lemon balm tea.

Top Benefits of Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon balm is native to Europe and North Africa, however, its immense benefits have made it popular across the globe. So, as we know what lemon balm herb is, let us dive into the benefits it provides when consumed in the tea format.

Cup of tea
  •  Aids in reducing stress

You may often feel stressed and overwhelmed achieving daily targets and solving every hurdle life throws, at such times having a tea prepared with lemon balm as an ingredient could clear your thoughts and help you rationalize them much better. Lemon balm tea is stated to reduce stressful thoughts, boost the mind, and aid in relaxation. 

A study conducted in 2004 revealed that the participants of the study who consumed lemon balm when exposed to lab-induced stress reported an increased calmness, a better orientation of thoughts, and reduced stress.       

  • Eliminates anxiety

Having lemon balm tea can also help you in diminishing anxiety, nervousness, and excitability. Do you feel anxious just before a presentation or important phone call? During such times having a cup of lemon balm tea could help you to calm yourself and eliminate the jitters. 

A research was conducted in 2014 that described the mood and cognitive effects of the food that possesses lemon balm. Participants displayed positive outcomes in the various parameters that were assessed which included reduced anxiety levels and better mood.    

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  • Enhances cognitive function

Did you know frequent consumption of lemon balm tea is known to boost your cognitive functions and increase mental robustness? The study performed in 2014 even described the finer performance in solving mathematical equations and tasks that involved memory and concentration in those participants who consumed lemon balm; as compared to those who did the tasks assigned without consumption of lemon balm. This indicates the enhancement in the level of alertness and reasoning capability.

  • Promotes sleep

Lemon balm along with valerian has a mild sedative effect that aids in promoting sleep. The feeling of restlessness and irritability are common symptoms faced by individuals suffering from insomnia. Lemon balm tea even helps in relaxing the mind and benefits those who complain of stress-related sleep disorders. 

Studies prove that the combination of valerian and lemon balm has reduced the feeling of restlessness and dyssomnia in children. Hence, having a cup of lemon balm tea before sleeping would help you in attaining a deep and sound sleep.

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Pure Ceylon green tea leaves   
  • Aids in treating flu

Lemon balm has antiviral properties which are often overlooked. Lemon balm tea along with a spoon of honey could keep cold and flu-related symptoms at bay. Its antiviral properties even build up the immunity of the body to fight against seasonal flu. 

Lemon balm consists of polyphenol which provides the ingredient with anti-viral constituents. Topical application of lemon balm is also stated to bring relief to those suffering from cold sores caused by the herpes simplex virus.   

  • Relieves indigestion

The most common causes of indigestion include eating too quickly, eating spicy, over-eating, or having carbonated beverages. Hence, many are prone to facing indigestion problems and for some, it may even be frequent. 

Did you know a cup of lemon balm tea shows a positive effect on your digestion process? Symptoms like abdominal pain, cramps, and discomfort are reduced after the consumption of lemon balm tea.

Just like other mint plants the antiviral ingredients present in the lemon balm herb also make it effective against stomach viruses and soothes the digestive system.  

 Ahimsa Veda green tea with lemon balm herb)

  • Can reduce nausea

Due to the potential impact lemon balm has on the digestive system, this herb also aids in relieving nausea. Did you know that lemon balm could strengthen your gastrointestinal system? A study performed in 2005 indicates that lemon balm herb is beneficial in treating gastrointestinal symptoms.

Further studies on lemon balm alone are still required to confirm this benefit as a combination of herbs is required to alleviate symptoms of nausea based on the current research evidence. 

  • Eases menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps cause immense discomfort among many women. However, did you know regular consumption of lemon balm could prepare your body to fight off the symptoms of pain, mood swings, and irritation caused by the cramps! It is even known to give relief from PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) as it contains antispasmodic properties which relax the muscle.

A study conducted in 2015 on 100 high school girls, observed the reduction in intensity of cramps of those consuming lemon balm for three consecutive menstrual cycles. So, it is suggested to have lemon balm tea to experience relief from menstrual cramps. 

  • Eliminates headaches and toothaches

Headaches caused by an excess of tension and stress can be reduced through the intake of lemon balm tea. The relaxing constituents present in this ingredient helps to ease and relax tight blood vessels and lower the headache. Also, its relaxing properties are conducive to providing relief from toothache as well.

Did you know lemon balm is rich in volatile oils such as citral and citronellal and these are known to calm the nervous system! The de-stressing properties of lemon balm herbal tea make it a popular choice even in detoxifying and relaxing spas and wellness centers.

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These were the benefits and advantages of consuming lemon balm tea. Next, let us dive into the possible side effects of lemon balm tea.

Are there any side effects of Lemon Balm?

Like most of the ingredients, even lemon balm has side effects and does not suit everybody. This herb is considered safe for short-term usage. Following are some of the common side effects noticed in a few individuals who consume lemon balm. Nausea, bloating gas, anxiety, headache, tiredness, and pain while urinating. These side effects are more prominent in those who consume large doses of lemon balm capsules.  

Other than these long-term side effects include potential complications of the thyroid gland. Excess consumption of lemon balm could slow down the production of thyroid hormone. Hence, those having thyroid disorders should consider the opinion of their doctor. Also, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and those who are under sedatives need to be cautious with lemon balm. Hence, it is recommended to consult your health care practitioner before including lemon balm tea in your daily routine.

Next, let us check out our top recommendations for lemon balm tea.

Top Recommendations For Lemon Balm Tea

Pamper yourself with the following suggestions of teas containing lemon balm herb. Inspired by Ayurveda, these teas provide you with the benefits of lemon balm and work perfectly to heal and detox your body.

1. Pure Ceylon Green tea (Ahimsa Veda)

Ahimsa Veda pure Ceylon green tea

The pure Ceylon green tea of the Ahimsa Veda range possesses healing properties and is a concoction of fruit, herbs, and spices such as rosehip, star anise, lemon balm, lemongrass, and mint leaves.

This fusion bestows the benefit of green tea as well as of the other ingredients present in it. The green tea and the complement of the herbs aids in the process of detoxification and are a perfect route to achieve the self-care you truly deserve!

This drink is also rich in anti-oxidative components and aids in weight loss? Also, star anise and mint work in unison to battle against the harmful effects such as early aging caused by free radicals. It even helps the body by inhibiting the growth of unwanted bacteria.

Benefit of Ceylon green tea

Lemongrass present in the tea consists of antifungal properties, hence, keeping fungal infections at bay. The minty flavor of the mint leaves makes the drink aromatic and thoroughly refreshing. Thereby this beverage gives you a complete package of multifarious health benefits.

Few other health-based features of this tea are that it has anti-inflammatory properties, it also has low caffeine content, and boosts the metabolism and immunity response of the body.          

2. Pure Ceylon green tea (Prakriti Veda)

The Prakriti tea infusion arouses the motion of natural earth energy. This tea blend is infused with ingredients that could help your body in the process of digestion after a meal and also aid in relaxing the mind and body.

The concoction of rosehip, lemon balm, star anise, black pepper, ginger root, and fennel inspired by the science of Ayurveda would bring in tranquility and calmness with every sip!

Star anise, lemon balm, and fennel are the ingredients that stimulate your digestion and bring in relief from digestive issues such as bloating and flatulence.

Did you know ginger root present in the tea diminishes the occurrence of gastro-intestinal disorder? At the same time, black pepper featured in this drink provides the needed boost to healthy stomach bacteria.

Prakriti Veda Ceylon green tea leaves

All in all, this beverage is low in caffeine and bolsters the digestion and metabolism of your body. The green tea gives a subtle hint of fresh minty flavor and aroma making it a perfect drink for your taste buds!

Next, let us look at the recipe for preparing an amazing cup of lemon balm tea that is filled with goodness and nutrients.  

Lemon Balm Tea Recipe - How to Make Lemon Balm Tea

Preparing your cup of healthy lemon balm tea is pretty simple, so to begin with the preparation of lemon balm tea you first need to snip off fresh lemon balm leaves.

Do not include the leaves that have turned yellow, have got discolored, or show the presence of mold. Next, you need to rinse these leaves thoroughly and pat them dry with paper towels.

Now, once you have the fresh leaves you need to cut or tear them into tinier pieces and keep them aside. Next, boil a cup of water in a pan and switch off the flame. Then add the leaves into the pan and allow it to settle and steep for about ten minutes.

You could even stir the drink with the back of the spoon to extract the complete oil present in the herb. Remember that the leaves can blacken and dry out if they are cut much in advance this would also cause the essential nutrients of the ingredient to get evaporated.

Finally, pour into a cup straining the leaves, and enjoy your warm cup of lemon balm tea. You could also add other ingredients such as lemon, ginger, mint leaves, or honey to enhance the flavor and benefits of your lemon balm tea. 

     Tea infused pot

Here, finally, we have covered all the essential information you would need to know about lemon balm tea in this article. So go ahead and relish your cup of lemon balm tea!


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