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Is Peach Tea Good For You?

The initial options that strike our mind when we hear about herbal teas are those made from ingredients such as ginger, hibiscus, cinnamon, or chamomile –the teas made from either flowers or spices. 

Often, dried fruits are also added into the tea as an add-on. But never are they used as the foundation from which the whole infusion is prepared! However, we have an exception and yes, you guessed it correctly it is the Peach Tea.

Peach tea is known to be a rejuvenating alternative to regular teas, especially during summer. It holds an excellent reputation among tea lovers for adding flavor as well as enhancing the antioxidants levels of your drink of the day.

peach iced tea 

Peach tea is however more than just a regular summer beverage. It has ample benefits and you would surely want to know the method of preparing peach tea and the best of our Peach tea recommendations as well. All of these are covered in this article, continue reading to learn everything you need to know about peach tea!

Firstly, let us know what peach tea is and what makes it so special.

What is Peach Tea?

Peach tea is prepared from either the fruits or leaves of the Peachtree- Prunus persica. Many times the black peach tea bags even contain dried pieces or peels of the fruit. Peach tea has its origin in China almost 8000 years ago and China also owns the laurel of being a supplier to roughly half of the world’s peach tea supply. 

In ancient Chinese as well as Japanese cultures, peaches were considered to be a symbol that would secure the people from any kind of misfortune. Peaches provide up to 15% of the daily requirements of vitamin C that is needed for the human body. It is also rich in antioxidants and promotes skin and hair health.

Black or green tea infusions with peach are also widely popular and are commonly referred to as ‘Peach Tea’. The sweet flavour of the peach balances the taste of teas extremely well and adds the delicate fruity touch. 

green tea infusion with peach

Peach has more of such health benefits. Next, let us uncover the many health benefits of Peach tea.      

What Is Peach Tea Good For? - Health Benefits

Peach tea that contains the pulp of the fruit has more health-based advantages than the peach tea prepared only by adding flavor or syrup of peach. So, it’s important that you prepare your tea with the purest ingredients. The following is the list of benefits you could derive from consuming this fruity brew.

  • Prevents cancer

Like most fruits, even peaches have an essential plant compound that protects against certain types of cancer. Peaches have abundant anticancer phytochemicals and antioxidants that are vital for healthy nutrition. 

Did you know peach also possesses polyphenols, which is a type of antioxidant that can reduce growth and restrict the spreading of cancer cells? The skin and flesh of peaches have carotenoids and caffeic acid. Both of these compounds have anti-cancer properties.    

  • Protects eyesight

Peaches contain compounds called lutein and zeaxanthin that aid in protecting your eye lens and retina. They are also stated to lower the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts, which are very common kinds of eye disorders. 

Did you know the vitamin A content present in peaches aids in promoting healthy vision? Even though rare, the deficiency of vitamin A could cause xerophthalmia which is a condition that damages your vision and causes night blindness.

Benefits of peach tea


  • May reduce signs of allergy

Do you often start coughing, itching, or sneezing in reaction to allergies? Well, when our body is exposed to certain kinds of allergen, our immune system releases histamines to protect us against the allergens. These histamines are a defense mechanism for your body to get rid of the allergen. 

Sneezing, itching or coughing is part of the body’s defense system and are common symptoms of allergy. Peaches however limit the allergy symptoms as it reduces the release of histamines in the blood. The anti-inflammatory components of this fruit also reduce the possibility of an inflammation that commonly coexists with allergic reactions.   

  • Rich in antioxidants and nutrients

Did you know peaches have a rich base of vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds that are essential for the healthy functioning of the human body? It also contains small traces of magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamin B. 

Along with this, peaches are packed with antioxidants that are required for your system to combat oxidative damage caused by the free radicals present in the environment. Antioxidants even protect our body from premature aging, diseases and keep it healthy.

peach iced tea 

  • Aids with digestion

Fiber is an essential component that aids in digestion. Did you know that the quantity of fiber present in peaches contributes to healthy digestion in the body? Peaches possess both kinds of important fiber that aids in digestion called soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. 

Insoluble fiber is required for adding bulk to the stool needed to move the food through your gut and reduce the chances of constipation. Whereas, soluble fiber acts as food for the important bacteria present in our intestines. 

These bacteria produce short-chain fatty acids that in turn limit the chances of inflammation and reduce the symptoms of digestive disorders like IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) and ulcerative colitis. Even the flowers of the peach plant provide compounds that support the healthy functioning of the gut.     

 peach iced tea

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  • Improves heart health

Did you know regular consumption of peach tea may promote heart health? Peaches have constituents that lower the chances of developing heart diseases such as increased blood pressure and even regulate cholesterol levels. 

Peaches also show the ability to bind with the bile acids made by the liver from cholesterol. The bile acids that are bound along with the cholesterol are eventually released from the body through the feces, hence lowering the cholesterol levels of the body. 

Some studies even state that peaches could aid in reducing triglycerides, bad cholesterol levels (LDL), and blood pressure levels of the body.

peach tea
  • Protects the skin

Peaches have constituents that improve the ability of the skin to retain moisture and improve the texture of your skin. It assists the body in reversing the damage caused by the harmful effects of long-term sun exposure as well. Also, the high content of Vitamin C aids in improving the appearance and health of the skin. 

The high content of antioxidants plays a vital role in the formation of collagen. Collagen is required to enhance skin strength and works as the support system of the skin by promoting its ability to heal wounds. It reduces the onset of wrinkles, roughness, and discoloration.

  • Promotes weight management

Peaches contain bioactive compounds that possess anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity constituents. These can regulate the sugar levels and insulin levels present in the blood. Also, the high fiber and water content of the fruity tea makes it a smart option for those looking out to control weight.  

So, the next time you make your peach tea remember the multifarious benefits it's providing you and relish the fruity flavor of your beverage! Next, let us have a look at how to prepare peach tea from scratch.

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How To Make Peach Tea From Scratch?

Most of the peach tea available in the markets are flavoured infusions with black tea or simple syrups of peach. But if you wish to craft your brew then for the first recipe you’ll require the dried leaves and bark of the peach plant.

So, to begin with, take a pan of water and allow it to boil. Next, pour this boiling water over two to three of the leaves and allow it to steep for 4 to 5 minutes. Then, strain the leaves using a strainer and your drink is ready. You could even add raspberry, blueberry to enhance the taste of your beverage.

how to make peach tea

If you want to have a drink that contains the pulp of the fresh peach fruit, then the next recipe is for you. Slice open one ripe peach fruit and place it on the pot keeping the flame simmered. Sprinkle two spoons of sugar over the peaches, this is done not only to add to the sweetness of your final drink but also to draw out the moisture of the fruit. As the peach cooks the sugar and the juice of the fruit will begin to form a peach syrup. Your peach tea drink will be ready!

You can add more sugar to adjust the taste as per your liking. If you wish to prepare peach tea with the natural sweetness, then substitute the fresh peaches with frozen ones. They’ll release moisture easily when being cooked (without adding any sugar). You could even puree them, by adding a slight amount of water and bringing it to the syrup-like consistency.

When making hot tea, add the entire peach syrup that you prepared along with a pot of brewed black tea. As the flavor and sweetness will be released from the syrup, the juice of the peach slices shall continue to seep into the infusion of fruitiness!

You can also use Teakruthi’s Peach Tea infusions to prepare peach tea. These infusions are freshly prepared batches and contain the purest Ceylon teas with candied peach fruit. 

How To Make Peach Iced Tea?

Iced Peach Tea

Making peach iced tea is simple and starts with the preparation of peach syrup with the method that was mentioned above.

Once the syrup is prepared, take the peach syrup off the flame, allow it to cool for some time, and then refrigerate it for a few hours until it is cooled thoroughly. Strain the slices of peach out as you only need the syrup for the iced version of this brew. Take a tall glass and pour in cold brew black tea almost till the brim, next, drizzle in the peach syrup until the sweet flavor fits your liking.      

You can also use Teakruthi’s Ceylon Peach Tea to prepare peach iced tea or cold brew tea. 

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Our Top Peach Tea Recommendations

As we have had a look at the method of preparing peach iced tea, next let us go through the top peach tea recommendations.

Peach tea is quite refreshing and revitalising, following is the list of five teas that we recommend one should try to savour its flavour and derive the benefits the beverage provides.

Ceylon’s peach tea


This rejuvenating beverage has a pinkish hue and is simply amazing when served iced. The delicately delicious peach tea is grown in the regions of Sri Lanka where it is cautiously picked just at the perfect moment. This beverage also contains the sumptuous aroma of apricots that entices your taste buds along with the correct hint of peach. 

This beverage also features dried slices of apples and apricots. Adding to its benefits the floral elements of Marigold and hibiscus along with an undertone of strawberry and Liquorice roots cover the flavor profile rounding it to be the perfect tea for an enriching summer experience.

Pure Ceylon Black Tea

This infused tea is derived from the lowlands of Sri Lanka and is mesmerizingly unique and refreshingly fruity, such that each sip of the beverage feels like an accidental treasure! The name Serendipity hence compliments its accidental distinctiveness. When brewed completely the enthralling tea infusion displays a bright pink hue and is wonderful to be consumed as iced tea. 

This beverage shows the combined flavor of both fruits and flowers because of the blending nectar of peach along with the aromatic floral Rosehip and Jasmine. You can enjoy this drink with friends, family, or even alone as the aroma of Jasmine would surely beckon you to sip the pink infusion.  

Two Seasons Pure Ceylon Black Tea

The high and mediumly grown black tea consists of flavors that assist the perfectly strong yet humble infusion of ginger and peach. The tea leaves are hand-picked from the wetlands of Sri Lanka. The ginger content of this tea elaborates on the subtle spiciness of the drink that harmonizes well with the taste of enriching black tea. 

The spiciness of the black tea and ginger blend is paced out and balanced with the sweet fruity flavor of peach. Brewing to an intense copper in your cup, the tea is filled with a tantalizing infusion of spicy, smokey, floral, and woody undertones. Each of which is exclusively curated to exhilarate your taste senses at the same time bringing peace to your mind!

Ceylon emerald tea 

Lightly golden, yellow when brewed to perfection, this unique green tea embarks on its journey growing on the picturesque Radella Estate. This tea sparkles brilliantly; a quality only the finest Ceylon gems possess. It teases your taste buds with its fruity flavor! Just to add to the distinctiveness of the high-grown green tea, a touch of a tropical vacation is also added to its base. 

The tangy pineapple and tropical fruits of strawberry, mango, and peach move along well and compliment the green tea, playing out its hidden flavors. Each sip brings in a moment of complete ecstasy, transporting you from the stressful mundane life to a world of relaxation along the seaside that you genuinely deserve.

With this, you would have surely learned about everything you needed to know about peach tea, now you could confidently take a pick on your favorite peach tea. So, go ahead, prepare the fresh brew and enjoy your drink!      


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