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Ceylon Tea

“Oh my God, it’s my pleasure to see,
Those dark & light colors, in my cup of tea.
That aroma so strong, bringing life to me,
That flavor so intense, creating memories for me.”

Well, only a true tea lover can understand the feelings behind these lines. For him, sipping the tea is not just having a beverage, it’s an experience, a feeling, a sheer happiness which probably that tea lover can only feel.

Have you ever wondered what makes a good cup of tea good enough to bring that rich experience? If not, then here are those primary factors:

  • The color of the tea liquor
  • The aroma or smell
  • The taste (which is the most important)

Color, Aroma, and Taste of Ceylon Tea

So, you can clearly see that a good cup of tea satisfies your 3 senses viz. Seeing, Smelling, and Tasting. Altogether, they define how awesome the tea can be. Now you know these factors but you must be thinking that how teas from the different parts of the world provide us a different experience. Well, the answer lies in the fact that all these factors are dependent on the geographical or environmental aspects, cultivation practices, and the processing of the tea leaves. All these aspects decide what is the color, aroma, and taste of your tea.

Tea Garden

Let’s understand little more about these factors. After all, you must understand what makes your tea so special that you cannot think your life without it. Basically, the factors which are responsible for the distinct characteristics of any tea are:

  • Environmental Factors
    • Temperature/Sunlight
    • Moisture in the air/Humidity
    • Rainfall
    • Groundwater
    • Soil
  • Cultivation Factors
    • Pesticide used
    • Time of harvesting/plucking
    • Method of harvesting
  • Processing Factors

What makes Ceylon tea different from the rest of the tea?

Tea Gardens of Ceylon

Now, you must be wondering why do we call Sri Lankan tea as Ceylon tea, isn’t it? Well, in simple words, Sri Lanka was formerly known as Ceylon and hence Sri Lankan tea is called Ceylon tea. Let’s peek into the history of Ceylon tea to understand it in a better way.

The name Ceylon was given by British during the colonial time. Even after getting independence, Sri Lanka preferred to keep the name Ceylon for about a quarter. It was during the British era when tea cultivation and production started first time in Sri Lanka. Adhering to the quality, the Ceylon tea became quite popular for providing the finest quality of the tea in the world. Export of Ceylon tea became a significant part of the Sri Lankan economy. The moment when Ceylon tea became global was during the Chicago World Fair in 1893 when its one million packets were sold off. During the same time, the price of Ceylon tea touched the record high of £36.15 (over US$ 5000 in today's currency) per pound (lb.) at the London Tea Auctions. By the time Sri Lanka got independence, Ceylon tea was already famous across the world and it has become a trademark of the best quality and trust. The market demand and tea export continued and made Sri Lanka the largest exporter of tea in 1965.

History of Ceylon Tea

Remarkable milestones regarding tea plantation and production in Sri Lanka include its contribution of more than 2% of Sri Lanka’s GDP. Also, the tea sector of Sri Lanka employs more than 1 million people and has brought Sri Lanka at the fourth place among largest producer of tea in the world and at second as the biggest exporter of the tea in the world.

How to ensure the authenticity of Ceylon tea?

Well, it’s not that difficult as it sounds. Even before buying a packet of Ceylon tea you can check if it is pure and authentic or not. First, let’s see why such authentication is needed and then understand how to check that.

History of Ceylon

Ceylon tea got the reputation all over the world because of its quality and purity. Although Sri Lanka wanted to get rid of their colonial past and avoid using the name Ceylon completely, this name had already become a brand in itself. The name itself was enough to create a trust in the mind of its customer. Hence, not using this name would have seriously affected the growth and popularity. So, this name was adopted permanently to define the guarantee of quality.

The Sri Lanka Tea Board has put a lot of efforts by investing significantly to grow this Ceylon tea brand and make it resonance the quality and ethical sourcing. They have maintained a minimum standard for wages, workplace safety, and hygiene to ensure the protection of plantation workers. To indicate that the tea is 100% purely sourced from Sri Lanka and has passed through various quality standards related to the taste and sourcing, a special Lion Logo was incorporated by the board.

Lion Logo of Ceylon Tea

Though there are many brands of Sri Lankan teas which are available in the market, they are blended with inferior quality of tea. But the Ceylon tea is the tea which is 100% grown and processed in Sri Lanka under strict rules and restrictions governed by the tea board. Only such authentic Ceylon tea can use the Lion Logo to show its authenticity. There are many rules which need to be followed.

  • The tea must be compulsorily cultivated and harvested only in Sri Lanka
  • Ceylon tea must be 100% unblended with any other form of tea
  • Any outside manufacturer or importer of tea cannot use the Lion Logo

All these rules ensure that the name Ceylon Tea is not exploited by any tea manufacturer and customer gets the 100% pure Ceylon tea from the trusted source.

Tea with lowest pesticide residue

One of the most important factors which make Ceylon tea even more special in terms of health is that it is the cleanest tea in the world in terms of pesticide residue. According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Sri Lankan tea has been proven to contain the least amount of pesticide residue in comparison to the tea from other countries.  Not only this, Sri Lanka was the first to achieve the Ozone Friendly Tea label recognized under the Montreal Protocol Treaty. Sri Lanka has also recognized as the first Ethical Tea Brand of the World by the United Nations Global Compact.

Factors responsible for making Ceylon tea the best tea in the world:

Sri Lanka is like the place chosen by the God itself for the cultivation of tea. It has got all the favorable conditions which are critical for producing the best tea in all terms like taste, color, and aroma.

The conditions responsible for the healthiest tea crop which are present in Sri Lanka are:

  • Humid atmosphere
  • Favorable temperature
  • Optimum rainfall
  • Fertile soil with minerals
  • Mineral-rich groundwater
  • Best cultivation practices – growing, harvesting, processing

Best tea cultivation practices

Because of the geographical factors like varying altitudes, being surrounded by the ocean, rainfall due to the monsoon, etc., Sri Lanka is blessed to have such optimum condition for the healthy growth of this magical tea known as Ceylon tea.

Types of Ceylon Teas:

The most famous types of Ceylon tea are black, white, green, and Oolong, all of which surprisingly come from the same plant Camellia Sinensis but are different because of the way they are processed differently.

Types of Ceylon Tea

  • Ceylon Black tea is one of the most famous types of Sri Lankan tea. The reason for its popularity is its strong citrus aroma. Different estates in Sri Lanka located at different altitudes bring that distinct taste and aroma to this black tea.
  • Ceylon Green tea which is grown in Idalgashinnain Uva Province is pungent, malty, and nutty in flavor. It is very rich in flavor and has a dark
  • Ceylon White tea which is also known as ‘Silver Tips’ is a premium tea in its category. It’s quite costly in comparison to the other verities of teas. The reason behind it is that it is grown, harvested, and rolled by hand. For white tea, only the buds are plucked, that too very delicately at dawn. These tea buds are not fermented and are exclusively hand rolled. It is different in taste as it is very delicate and light with a touch of pine and honey and has a golden coppery infusion. It’s mostly grown in Nuwara Eliya near Adam’s Peak and at the Handunugoda Tea Estate near Galle in the south of Sri Lanka.

Ceylon tea can also be classified based on the geographical location of its estate, viz. low-grown, medium-grown, and high-grown based on the altitudes of the plantation. The different location gives a unique flavor to the tea which belongs to it.

 Tea Garden as per region wise


Type of Tea

Elevation and Conditions


Up-country or High-grown Teas

· Nuwara Eliya Tea (6,240 feet)

· Dimbula Tea (3,500 to 5,000 ft)

From 4000 feet and above – Low temperature, Monsoon rains

· Considered as premium.

· Exude beautiful golden liquor

· Yield an intense, powerful aroma

Mid-country or Mid-grown Teas

· Kandy Tea

· Uda Pussellawa 

· Uva province

Between 2000 to 4000 feet – prevailed by northwest monsoon

· Richer in flavor

· Kandy has bright infusion with a coppery tone, Uda has rosy pinkish hue

· Perfect for blended flavor

Low-country or Low-grown Teas

Southern Province Tea

Below 2000 feet to sea level – Fertile soils and warm conditions

· Full flavored unique black tea

· Good color and strength



Types of Ceylon Tea

Which is the best place to buy Ceylon tea?

In most of the countries all over the world, you can easily get the normal tea brands which sell tea in the form of either loose tea or tea bags. There are brands which sell teas of various types and qualities. They are available in the shops as well as you can buy them online.

But when it comes to Ceylon tea and that also the genuine one, you will have to be very careful as many brands sell normal tea in the name of Ceylon tea. They are fake and result in poor quality tea.

To make sure that you are getting the best Ceylon tea which is not only genuine but of excellent quality, you should get it from a trustworthy brand like Teakruthi. Teakruthi is a brand which brings you the widest range of authentic Ceylon tea which is 100% authentic.

Authentic Ceylon Tea

Teakruthi provides you a choice from various varieties of tea like black, white, green, Oolong, etc. which are sourced from the famous tea districts of Sri Lanka.

The best part about Teakruthi is that they have the in-house tea experts which make sure that the tea which is reaching you is pure, authentic, and completely certified Ceylon tea passed in various quality checks. They ensure that the freshness of the tea remains intact from its source until the time it reaches your hands.

Ethical Tea Plantation

Teakruthi is directly associated with specialty plantations that comply with the ethical practices of sourcing the tea. Some of their teas come from the plantations certified by the Rainforest AllianceUTZ or the Ethical Tea Partnership to make sure that the tea they bring to you comes exploitation-free and from the authentic source.

All these factors make Teakruthi the best place to buy Ceylon tea. They can trust them from all the angles like purity, genuineness, quality, ethical sourcing, etc. For a tea lover, nothing comes above than these factors which ultimately define the trust factor he develops for his favorite brand. Winning the trust of its customers and bringing them a true experience of sipping the best Ceylon tea in the world is their motto and commitment.

So, when you enjoy your favorite cup of Teakruthi tea, you can be assured that you are having the best Ceylon tea with the assurance of trust and quality.

 Trusted Tea Company 

Cheers for your cup of Ceylon tea!

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